UPDATE: Secret Santa Thank you's and games (cont.)

kchd(7b/8a MS)January 3, 2013

The last thread was full, so I guess I will start the next one.

Wow, I got a surprise in the mail today. I thought the joy was over, by Michelle (mchill) sent a polar bear card with some Tennessee Dancing Gourd seeds. These are such a neat heirloom. Baker Creek says that:
"This unique heirloom was sent to us by Mr. Junior G., of Primm Springs, Tennessee. They used to be popular there, and his Ma had said that when she was going to school, kids
would bring 'em to play with. Dancing gourds spin just
like a top."
SO cool! Thanks, Michelle!


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i received another most welcome card yesterday from mchill also , she sent me most wanted Apple Guards , thanks Michelle .

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Brad Edwards

I just wanted to thank Mckinney, Revelo, Holm, Hammons, Clopton, Casey, Jaymine, and Bragg for all of the wonderful seeds. I will start them in the greenhouse in a couple of weeks. They will mostly be for a local school and for my yard. I love the sunflowers, nasturtiums, verbena, and lavender. I really appreciate it. Brad Oceandweller

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I just wanted to thank everyone again, and Kym, for organizing and participating in such a fun swap! I had a lot of fun, and got some new ideas for next year. Have a great 2013, and I'll join you again next holiday season!


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roper2008 (7b)(7b)

I received another card today from Katie(redthreaddiy) Lots of seeds.
She sent Sweet William 'Holborn', Old fashioned vining petunia Magenta,
French Double Marigold, Sunflower Autumn Beauty Mix, Zinnia Thumbelina,
Hot chili 'Elepahnt, Miniature Red Bell, White Habanero, Golden California
Wonder, Alma Paprika, Pumpkin on a stick, and Easter Eggplant. Wow
thanks Katie. I'm going to start the white habanero tomorrow.

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lisa831(KY 6)

Hope Everyone has a great year GARDENING this year.

Dem_pa thanks for the Hens & Chicks plants,Golden Golbin

Gaillardia,Masquerade ormentral peppers,Ground Chreey.

Katkn - thanks for the great seeds for my grandson to

sstart with-Jauneplamme cherry tomato,Jewels of Opar,3

sunflowers,Lemon Basil,Flower garden mix,Joe pye

weed,African Marigold red torange,Zinnia yellow

Profusion,Zinnia state fair mix,Blue Corn,Balsam Camellia

mix,Snapdragons,Carrots touchon and Chantenay,Foxglove

yellow,Salvia "Lady in red",Balmina

Zackey-Cushaw Squash,Malabar spinach red,Japenese red

noodle bean Thanks

Margarita 10-Yellow and Red Gaillardia, Marigold Thanks

Mepea ches3--Very pretty card. Thanks

JaynineC--Corkscrew vine,Lemon Aura sunflower,Jaguar

marigold Thanks

Rare_grow--Black pearl pepper,Purple top globe turnip

Alwaysgardener--Your welcome-Purple top globe turnip,Yellow

Blanketflower,Yellow evening Promrose,mix Marigold.

Clipclop - Hot wax pepper yellow,Red Cayenna,Basketball

Gourd. Thank you

I hope I have not miss anyone,sending cards.

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I have been out of town for a few days. I came home last night to Seasons greetings and good wishes from Redthreaddiy!!!

Katie, Thank You so much for the very red poinsettia card and seeds of plenty.....
*Bush Bean Blue Lake
*Tomato Riesentraube
*Tomato Juane Flammee'
*Basil Italian Large Leaf
*Coneflower "White Swan"
*Zinnia Thumbelina Mix
*Cosmos Sensation Mix
*Hot Chile Pepper "Elefant" aka Vesena
*Habanero Pepper "White Yucatan"
*Sweet William "Holborn Glory"
*Pepper Poblano

Katie, wonderful selection! And you were far to generous.

Wishing you a very happy, healthy and safe 2013.


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hibiscusfan zone5-Northwest Ohio(5 northwest Ohio)

Wasn't expecting anymore cards but today I received a card full of seeds from redthreaddiy:
Tomato Caspian Pink
" Black Krim
" Black from Tula
" Kumato
" Red Brandywine
" Cherokee Cholate
" Jaune Flammee
" Gold Metal
" Aussie
" Black Mystery
" Green Zebra
" Sara Black
Yarrow Paprika
Sweet William Holborn glory
Yellow Goatsbeard

Thanks Katie, I really appreciate all those wishes being fulfilled!


I want to also thank Kym for hosting this swap through the years and to everyone in the swap: A HAPPY AND BLESSED NEW YEAR Wish I could have sent to everyone but being on SS it was not possible.

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One more card for me in New Year. Wow!

lexigurl (Dawn) - sent me pretty glittery card with Jalapeno pepper, Georgia collard, Lettuce black seeded simpson, red lettuce, Blue lake pole bean and Red cabbage. Wow love them all and can't wait to plant them. Thanks a lot.

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After I thought this was over, I received a pretty card from lexiegurl/Dawn! It was filled with Parade Green onion, Straight 8 Cukes, Red Cabbage, Black Beauty Squash, Sweet Hybrid Mix Pepper, and Black Prince tomatoes. I'm looking forward to trying these in my garden. Thank you Dawn!

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Surprise, Surprise just when I thought it was all over.

I receive two more cards:

lexiegurl(Dawn): early straightneck squash, mesclun mix, bibb lettuce.

jaynine (Janine) :fortex poles bean, swiss chard-rainbow mix, hyssop officionalis.

Thank you both I look forward to growing these great seeds.

To our hostess with the mostest:


Thank you so much for your great work this swap has become one of the things about Christmas I so look forward to.


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Melinda Hagen

Awesome! I too thought the fun was over! I rec'd a Santa card today from RedThreadDIY!!
Wow, 20 packs of awesome seeds from my wish list! Thanks so very much!!
I so appreciate them! Melinda

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Yesterday I received a packet of Sweet William Holborn Glory from Katie (redthreadDIY). Thanks so much! It looks like a good one.

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Margie Crawford(6A)

Thank you Katie/redthread DIY for several seeds from my wish list. What a great winter surprise!

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Ruby_Dog(6, Virginia)

Santa's elves are working overtime! I received a card with tomato, shirley poppy and kale seeds, all from my wishlist from Katie/redthreaddiy. Thanks SO much!

Happy new year and happy growing everyone,


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Melinda Hagen

Just to let everyone know, I will be posting on the rate and review forms for everyone I rec'd from. Just been busy and haven't gotten to it yet! But I will! Thanks, Melinda

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A BIG thank you to lexigurl/Dawn
Got nice "joy, peace" card with seeds of Red ruby lettuce, red marconi pepper, black beauty eggplant, dwarf blue curled scotch kale, purple top turnip, marglobe tomato, blue lake pole bean and lincoln pod peas from lexigurl/Dawn. Wow! whole lot of seeds. Thank you so much.

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redthreaddiy(6a MI)

13 people still need to let me know if they got their seeds.

I still need to rate and review everyone. Hopefully I'll get some time by the end of January!

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lois(PA Zone 6)

Yay, more seeds!

I thought Christmas was past, but then I found more cards from some wonderful secret Santas:

Thank you Fay for: love in a mist, coral bells; Kassandra, Helenium; Autumnalle, and feverfew.

Thank you redthreaddy for wild blue lupin, tomato Caspian Pink tomato, Opalka tomato, and feverfew.

Thank you orogal for caspian pink tomato, and Golden Girl tomato.

We are going to have a great garden this year!

Lois in PA

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So sad it's over! Getting these seeds are one of my favorite things about Christmas!!

BIG BIG Thanks to:
-Michelle Hill - Larkspurs
-Katkni - Minnesota Midgets, Dwarf Blue Kale, Lincoln Pea Pods, Garlic, Lemon Basil, Lettuce Calmar
-CanyonWind - Silvery Fir Tree Tomato, Tomato Micro Tom :) It was so good to hear from you!
-Jaynine - Patchouli, Basil Pistou (so cute), Feverfew
-OneDayLily - Petunia, Dwarf Lavender, Agastache, Feverfew
-Diana Tovar - Minnesota Midget Melon, Kale Vates Blue Curled, Catskill Brussel Sprouts
-Smitties - Lavender Munstead
-PoisonDartFrog - Creeping Baby's Breath

Thanks for making my holiday season that much better!

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Sorry I've been MIA. Between illness and computer issues I've not been able to send thank yous to all that sent cards and seeds.

While unloading groceries from the van yesterday I noticed the corner of some white envelopes...it was my SS cards! DH thought he had mailed them weeks ago. They may be late but they went in the mail yesterday. I appologize to those receiving them but perhaps they will be a nice suprise :)

The lovely cards and wonderful array of seeds were a bright spot to the season.
-Salsa Canner-Thank you for the Tomato seeds (Lithuanian and Black Cherry). I've not tried either and enjoy new varieties :)

-Roper2008-Thank you for the Tomato seeds (Indigo Rose, Mule Team and Bolseno) and the Zinnia (cut & come again). I havent grown zinnias in years and look forward to them this year :)

-Dirtdaddy-Thank you for the Tomato seeds (Dr Wyches Yellow, Giant Belgium and Beefsteak), Tithonia sunflower, Hyacynth bean vine and Seminole squash. I'm going to brave the squash bugs and grow squash this year...seminole will definately be on the grow list. Nice to hear from someone close to home :)

-SJC48-Thank you for the Zinnia mix, Malva Sebrina and Silene Regina (Royal Catchfly). These will be lovely in the new rock garden :)

-l1oness-Thank you for the Scallop/Patty pan squash. We Love these on the grill!

-dem-pa-Such generous quantities of everything! Thank you for the Rattlesnake pole beans, Hutterite soup beans, Lincoln Pod peas, Pencil pod golden wax bush stringless, Blacktail Mountain watermelon, Broccoli DeCicco, Ground cherry, Spinach (Bloonsdale long), Rue, Vitex, but Mostly.....a huge thank you for the Mayflower pole beans! DH has ancestors that were on the Mayflower so these will be especially treasured :)

-Ruby-Dog-Thank you for the Kamatsuna spinach mustard, Delicious tomato, Mizuna (Kyoto), Zinnia mix, gaillardia mix and Chard (Bright lights). Chard is one of my favorite veggies :)

-poisondartfrog-Thank you for the Zinnia (Oklahoma Ivory). This will show nicely with all the pink and purple flowers :)

-Sandysoil_2008-Thank you for the Eggplant (Black beauty) and Malva (Brave Heart) I bet this will be a beautiful flower :)

-ruthz-Thank you for the container eggplant (Little Prince), heirloom Chard (Italian silver rib) cant wait to try this, and yu choy. I bet this will be yummy in a stirfry!

-kchd-Thank you for the White PowWow coneflower, Forget-me-not Cynoglossum Blue and Salvia Lady in Red. I've chosen these to plant at my elderly mothers house. I'm sure she will love them :) Your envelope was ripped on all 4 edges with only the corners held together but you did such a good job of wrapping the seeds so everything arrived safely.

-jaynine-Thank you for the cabbage (Red Acre), Malva Zebrina and Kniphofia Red Hot Poker...so excited to see this one bloom :)

-canyonwind-Thank you for the Patty pan squash (Bennings green tint) and Pepper (Quadrato Giallo D'asti). These will both be delicious on the grill next summer!
Your envelope arrived with 3 sides ripped but seeds and card were safe.
I owe you an email :)

-RedThreadDIY-Thank you for the Tomato seeds (Cherokee chocolate, Black Mystery, Jaune Flamme, Sara Black, Gold Medal, Green Zebra, Red Brandywine, Kumato, Aussie, Black Krim, Caspian Pink, Black from Tula, Cabbage (Red Acre), Eggplant (Easter egg and Pumpkin on a Stick), Mallow Zebrina, Mallow Mystic Merlin, Wild Blue Lupine and Poker Plant (Flamenco). Looks like I have some new-to-me varieties to look up and enjoy :)

It took me 3 tries before I got this typed up without the computer locking up. Now I need to do alot of R&R catching up.

My garden beds will overflow this year but mostly, my heart overflowed with each card that arrived. Thank you to everyone that participated and especially Kim for arranging the swap.
Happy New Year Everyone :)

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In January I received a packet of Sweet William Holborn Glory from redthreaddiy. Sorry I haven't posted sooner, but have been sick. Thanks so much!

Did I miss the answers to the game questions, how many cards sent,etc, etc????

Still waiting to hear that 2 people received cards I sent (mailed Dec. 13the to 16th).

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Just found a small pile of cards that I got Christmas Eve. Meant to post after Christmas but forgot. I'm so sorry, these cards were great.

Keiki sent salvia and marigolds.

Lexiegurl - Dawn sent Italian tomato, Yellow wax peppers, zinnia and marigold.

Jas_il - Jasmine sent Siberian Blue dianthus (I love this) and marigolds.

Redthreaddiy - Katie sent Marigold, tricolor daisy, coneflower, allium, cosmos, valerian, sweet william, lavender, lupine, sunflower, zinnia, yellow goats beard and black eyed susan.

Thank you everyone very much. It's been a super swap.


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Melinda Hagen

Just want to take a moment to thank everyone again for their generosity in sharing their gardens with me for the holidays! I love it and will most definitely use it!
I have finished my rate and reviews (finally)!
Also to thank Kim so much for hosting this yearly! My fav swap!

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Iris Hendry

Just when I thought the holidays were over ( always a little bit of letdown for me ) I received 3 more cards this past week !

Dawn(lexiegurl)send a cute Santa card with Mortgage Lifter tomato - one of our fave tomatoes !Pink Brandywine, another fave !, Big Rainbow - can't believe I haven't tried this one yet, hear its very good ! Bibb and Black Seeded Simpson lettuce ( for the diet I need to go on lol ) and Hungarian Yellow Wax Pepper - thank you so much !

Jasmine (jas_il) sent Yellow Pear tomato (yes, we are tomatoholics ) French Breakfast radish ( love them ) and Bronze Fennel - I won a blue ribbon at the County Fair for my Bronze Fennel back in September but wasn't able to save seed from it so now I can grow it again ! thank you Jasmine !

Katie ( redthreaddiy ) sent so many lovely packs of seeds with beautiful labels ! new to me tomatoes - Snow White, Green Grape, Caspian Pink, Gold Medal,Aussie,Ildi,Chang Li,Small Red Cherry,Chocolate Cherry,yum ! also, Red Brandywine ( one of our faves that does very well here ) Teddy Bear Sunflower, I love sunflowers !Mini red bell peppers , Golden California Wonder pepper, White Wonder cucumber, a new to me cuke !Italian Oregano ( mine did not come back last year ;-( ) African Basil, gotta look this one up !and Amish Cockscomb - saw this at the County Fair and really want to grow my own to enter ;-) Thank you so much Katie !

I want to thank everyone again, especially Kym for being our wonderful hostess and Seedy Ms Claus , this swap makes my holiday extra special, already looking forward to it next Christmas ! I am so glad we have this wonderful community of gardeners . I appreciate each and every one of you !


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Thank you to all who sent seeds to me. This was my first year but definitely not my last. Sorry for the tardy thank yous. The holidays keep me busier than I would like. But fun, none the less.

Thanks to GW-jimryder and Tonya. I received Some new varieties of cucumbers that I have never tried. I received Cosmos as well. Fun.

From TheMidnight Garden I received a darling card with snowman drawn on and some petite carrot seeds. Loved it.

From Alana (poisondartfrog) I received some beautiful assorted cosmos seeds. Thanks.

OneDayLily sent me a great assortment of seeds, Bleeding Hearts, Tomato seeds that I can't wait to try. Cosmos and radishes. Thank you.

Jaynine sent Campanula, Cosmos and a super sweet tomato which sounds delicious. Thank you.

Thanks to Michelle (detroitgirl177) for the carrot and radish seed. Will Spring ever get here?

Margo (smitties) sent me Cosmos Sonata Mix. My garden will be beautiful. Thank you.

Thanks to KatKni for the unusual seeds. Pinkeye cowpeas, purple plum radish, Snapdragons, carrots, Mexican butterfly weed and epazote. Very excited to try these seeds.

From Thor and Odin (no e-mail address) I received a beautiful card with a Christmas tree with cats in it. How did you know I'm a cat person. Thank you for the Cosmos seeds.

Thank you to Mandy (l1oness) for the oregano, carrots and radishes. Varieties I have not tried.

Thank you to Kym. You did a great job. Wishing you all a bumper crop. Happy Gardening to All !!!!!!


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Wow! I haven't been on this forum for 2 or 3 weeks. It's fun to come back and see all the thank yous. I've lost track of who I sent to. Once I get a chance, I will post to rate and review exchanges. Thanks again to everyone.

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Has anyone heard from or seen Kym around GW? Last post I can find here is she had been ill and was going to the doctor. I am hoping all is well with her and her family as the flu going around has been wicked. I dropped a quick email but have not heard from her as of yet.

Kym, let us know you are ok. Margo

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Margo, last night while reading this thread, I was wondering about Santa Kym. I figured she/her family were still very under the weather.

Kym, hoping all is well.

If per chance anyone sent Secret Santa surprises my way and I did not post "thanks", it is because I did not receive......Please accept my thanks and appreciation!
Rate and Reviews on all the wonderful elves who sent my way were posted over the last two weeks.


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Got more seeds.

Nancyplant - sent me lovely holly card with double french Marigold and two types of tomatoes. can't wait to try them. Love french Marigolds. Thanks a lot

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Hello everyone, sorry for the late post. I wish to thank everyone here who sent me cards this year. Much thanks to you all and wish everyone a wonderful gardening year! Be safe, happy and well!
Ellie holm

Much love,
Jim and Tonya

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A big thank you to michelle who sent jacob's cattle bean and redthreaddiy who sent plenty of goodies! I received both about a week ago and am just getting around to saying my thank yous for these two lovely people.

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kchd(7b/8a MS)

I received a beautiful card and 3 different varieties of tomatoes from NancyPlants yesterday. Thank you so much!! All 3 varieties are new to me :)


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Thank you to Nancyplants. She sent me a pretty card with 2 types of tomatoes and 2 types of peppers, all of which are new to me! Thank you sooo much!

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I got a card in the mail today from Jaynine she was kind of enough to send some replacement sends for some that got smashed in the mail the first time. Well they arrived and were smashed as well except this time I can see the little bits of brown (seeds) in the yellow dust.

Thank you Jaynine for resending the seeds something you did have to do but thank you again. And no need to resend them again. I don't think the Post office likes how you wrap the seeds :-0

Sorry if this seems "weird" I am living off colds meds right now.


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hibiscusfan zone5-Northwest Ohio(5 northwest Ohio)

Another card arrived from Nanceyplants with tomato Black Krim. Black Russian Truffle Tom and Jaune Flamme. Thanks Nancy!! Can't wait to see them on the vine.

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I'm glad my cards/seeds are making it to their new homes. Starting to think about what varieties of peppers and tomatoes to grow this year...decisions decisions :)

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sorry my post should of said that jaynine did NOT have to resend the seeds. So sorry about that.


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Catching up on another Christmas Card I received from Lexiegurl after the holidays. Thanks for the Blue Lake Pole Beans, Tigrovy, Bloody Butcher and Big Boy Tomatoes and Fish, Thai and Cascabella Peppers. Just bought some seed starting trays getting ready for this spring planting. Thanks again for the Christmas Card and seeds. Hope your past holidays were great.

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I am so sorry for not posting sooner! My computer caught a virus just before Christmas. I ended up having to buy a new computer! I would like to thank:


Thank you so much everyone! I am ready for SPRING!

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Hey everyone, I am really sorry for not being around at the end of the swap, I got hit real hard with the flu on Christmas Eve, it went into bronchitis/pnemonia which today is the first Ive been up and around... and ontop I am having some problems with a nerve in my neck that runs into my face. Looks like surgery is ahead for me..

I appreciate you ALL joining the swap, and look forward to next Christmas !! Happy Spring growing to you ALL :)

Also, just want to mention I am on FB if anyone would like to keep in touch over the year ...under Kym Fullen Amaral.

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Thanks again to everyone - I FINALLY got my reviews in the Rate and Review Exchanges Forum. I hope I got everyone that sent me seeds.

The bonus of being last to do this was I got to see all the nice reviews everyone got. Either this is the only round robin exchange that most of us do, or we are the only group that consistently posts reviews of our trades.

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Im know Im like super duper late (not my fault) at posting this BUT THE SEEDS JUST CAME (this past Friday)IN from a secret santa swap from 2013. Can you believe that?

I was away and my husband called me to tell me about it. I am so excited. However I can not say which seeds were in there Besides pea vine and Lemon mint. My husband threw the seeds in the fridge with he rest of them. Thank you so much for the hand drawn card too! From Nikineel (sp?)

This post was edited by cghpnd on Tue, Aug 19, 14 at 16:55

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Hope everyone had a growing season! Tomatoes did good, but the cooler, wet weather slowed the peppers down! Can't wait for the first Christmas card! dd.

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