Sansevieria Not Growing

glopez686May 14, 2014

Hi everyone,
I'm new to gardening and house plants, about a year ago an a half I bought a Sansevieria and everything was going well but about 6 months ago I noticed the leaves were cracking I thought I was under-watering it so I started to water it more often pretty soon I had over watered it :(. I removed the leave that were rooting and I re-potted it. I notice that there were two separate plants so I put each one in a different pot. It has been about three or four months since I re-potted them and I have seen no growth. Am I doing something wrong? Do the need more time? Now I am watering them every 2 weeks the temperature is averaging about 80 degrees in the room they are in. Should I be watering less or more?

I am adding a few pictures hopefully it will help.

Thanks for your Help

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You will have to feel th soil to see when it needs watering. Every two weeks could be too much or not enough depending on conditons. Plants will use more water in wind, heat, sun, when actively growing etc. It will also depend on how potbound the plant is. How often you need to water may vary week to week or certainly season to season. That being said, your plant looks good right now....leaves don't look rotting or shriveled so the watering is probably good for now. Sans don't usually grow much in winter. Now they may be actively growing but often they seem to sit there and do nothing for some time while underground roots and rhizomes are actively growing. When a new pup pushes through the soil it often seems to grow really rapidly but the plant may have been "preparing" underground for some time. BTW if you have a place where you can put the plants outside for the summer that often seems to stimulate a lot of growth. Just make usre you gradually move them outside.....on a warm day and start them off in the shade and gently add a little more sun over a few days. Putting them quickly out in sun they are not used to can cause sunburn. Once the weather is warm outside it doesn't seem to matter how much it rains on them or whatever they thrive in the summer heat and usually reward you with a bunch of pups by the end of summer. Even if you have to keep them inside I bet you see growth this time of year. Although they will survive a long time in a dark corner it is better to grow them near a window where they at least get a couple of hours of sunlight and/or brighter light. .

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I come home today and this is what I found :( HELP

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL(8B AL)

Awww, that's not looking good. I would take that out of the pot and inspect. This is a different pot?

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Agreed, not looking good at all, sorry, but it looks like it's losing its roots.

I'd unpot immediately to check & definitely move those young plants out of there.

The young plants could go in a much smaller pot by themselves. To leave them alone in that big a pot in such peaty, moisture retentive mix is inviting root rot.

Whatever that mix is, I'd switch to Cactus & Succulent mix & add 40% perlite to that.

The mix you have them in is simply not fast draining enough for succulents & will likely cause them to lose their roots.

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