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hummersteveMay 30, 2007

Went to my nearest nursery and wound up getting some things I hadnt planned on but they were out some others but I got these:

delphenium orange larkspur

greggi skylights magenta

greggi skylights primrose

honeysuckle dropmore scarlet

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HummerSteve, sure wish I could grow the orange delphinum here but salvia greggii do real good for me as the honeysuckle too. Love growing salvias for my hummers.

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Helena---I have a hummer garden full of salvias and now that some are blooming it is satisfying. On the delphenium that I mentioned I have not seen the hummers use it , doesnt mean they havent, I really put it in for the change in color, but it may be on the way out for next year. Im really happy with the black and blues and the greggi which are used often here. Im also very happy with my lady in red which just might be the strongest and fullest plant I have.

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penelope(Z6 KY)

If you decide to ship out the orange larkspur I know a garden not too far from Indy that it would look great in. My BF Garden has all colors - Orange seems to be my new fav. I have Honeysuckle 'Gold Flame' topping it all off. My Coral Nymph salvia looks good there too!


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