Salvia Seedlings Mulch or not

hummersteveMay 16, 2007

Being as this is my first year planting salvia and after going through everything in growing them from seed ,is this something that should be mulched or is up to the planter. Im thinking that salvia dont require a lot of moisture but for these rather tender seedlings a mulch will hold moisture, so what is proper here.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Have you thoroughly hardened off the seedlings, are they in individual pots, and are there 6 to 8 pairs of robust leaves? You can get by with 3 to 4 pairs if the plants are robust and the leaves fully adapted to your outside conditions. This applies to rooted cuttings also.

This is a fairly conservative approach, appropriate for a beginner

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Yes to all the above, ok I answered your questions when are you going to answer mine.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Light mulching is OK, but it won't do much good until the roots of the plant have grabbed into the soil and are growing robustly in their new home. At that time, weeds and soil moisture may start to become a problem. Until then, it needs air and light around its base. Mulching too early will give pest and pathogens more of a chance to affect the plant.

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ramazz(8a VA)

I can attest to the pest problem associated with mulch. Last year, I put one of my small B&Bs in a spot that was already mulched, and it almsot got eaten alive. I dug it up, put it in a pot on the deck to recover, and then put it in a completely different spot.

My beds could use mulching, but I don't want to cause problems for the plants that are doing so well right now.


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Thanks guys, I wont be mulching. IM already bedding my plants which is something new to me and I like it and the plants like it.

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