greenhouse heating

cat157(9)December 17, 2004

I have a 9x12 orchid house and need to heat it some nights. I thought about an oil filled radiator, but read it won't heat enough. I'm concerned about using an indoor space heater type outdoors. The house is roofed and sided, but not totally weatherproof. All ideas/suggestions are appreciated. I have 48 hrs to come up with a solution-we are expecting another freeze!!

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Well, I guess it's too late but not really because it didn't get that cold... at least not where I am.

I would stay away from the heaters, instead use incandescent light fixtures. Lights make surprisingly good heaters. DO NOT use the clip on kind. They have a tendancy to fall off and break or worse, start a fire. It's better to take an old table top lamp without the shade and put it on the floor. I'd think one or two lamps with 60 watt fixtures should be enough.

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