Grass like Sansevieria

norma_2006June 10, 2013

Some one here was inquiring about it, well I found it, thank goodness you inquired, another week and the whole plant would be dead. It is very slow growing, and it needs more water then most San. It was found in a ditch along a road going north from Capetown, peobably got water in the African Winter, which is during our summer. It was given to me from John Gamesby he lost his plant eventually, I sent him a part of mine, give one away and it always be returned. That has been true with with few exceptions. All of you remember that. I gave a piece of a plant to Dale LaForest, and lost mine. when I asked if he had a spare leaf well back it came. I received a plant of 'Fernwood' and when Rogers Weld of Fernwood Nursery lost his which was given to him by Juan Chahinion I gave him one of mine which was green , mine are all gold now with very stiff pointed leaves. I gave away a whole plant of then named 'Patens' all green, well after several years I started offset from leaves they reverted to variegated, it's is still green just the starts I did with it turned variegated. So you never know. The more years your work with this species the more you learn each year. Observe them, other words, take the time to smell the flowers, I find the darnest thing pop up in my garden if I look closely and take the time to observe. I found two ripe seeds today. I wonder what they will turn out to be?. Norma

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)

Hello Norma,
Good advise.

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so does this grass-like sans have a name?

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I don't know that this would be the same as Norma's plant, but I see a listing on Bob Smoley's Gardenworld for a grassy looking sans. It's listed as sansevieria T. green Fountain.
Here's what it says:
Thin light green almost grass like leaves making a very attractive hanging basket in time. Only 8-10 inches tall. Hybrid by Alice Waidhoffer.

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thanks bmock for the information. i might have Bob bring me one to our fall sale.

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Michaela(z6+ TN)

Its probably Sansevieria gracilis. I'd say you can find pictures of it on 'Google images'.

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I'm growing something named gracilis and I wouldn't say it is "grass-like". Then again it might not be the "true" gracilis.

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Michaela(z6+ TN)

No Sansevieria is going to have the same flat blades as does grass - like in lawn grass - but gracilis is one of the the shortest sansevierias, and is light green (grass green) in color. Maybe you can post a picture here of your gracilis.

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Also, I have a couple of different parvas that are grassy looking to me. They look similar to a spider plant.

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I agree mine like it may have parva as paremt it grows like parva, and needs more water then a lot of my others. It sure is a messy grower it took me more then an hour to clean it up, it not going to ever be show quality. The leaves are more narrow then parva,and I have been told that parva grown by the spray of the falls. It started out as miniature. now it grows the same size as parva, which leaves to believe all the more that parva is the mother or father. Norma Lewis

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