Impatiens seedpod :)

AudreyC(8a)August 19, 2003

I've seen a lot of questions on impatiens seeds/seedpods, and have assisted many with their questions. I saw this "ready" seedpod on one of my Impatiens Wallerina the other day and decided to take a photo... Thought many might find it useful.


Image link:

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I have found these seedpods before on my impatiens,and have dried them and planted them in spring,but have never gotten a plant,can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?????????

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When the seed is mature (as in the pod shown), collect and REMOVE the seed from the pod. Finish drying seed in open air, then store.

Note: I never refrigerate my impatiens seeds.

To Grow Impatiens
I've grown a *LOT* of impatiens over the years, and my
growing tips are:

-- sow on the surface of moist soil or potting mix
in flats. Gently press seed onto soil, but do
NOT cover seed with soil. I then mist with water
so as not to wash seeds away.

-- enclose entire flat in a clear plastic bag and keep
in well-lit and WARM location (must have light to

-- remove plastic cover after seeds sprout (mine
usually take only 2 or 3 days!)

-- keep moist until seedlings are established (with
true leaves), then carefully transplant seedlings
to individual pots (I use the 1 1/2" planter packs)
and continue growing in good light until they can be
planted out after frost. (When transplanting, seedling
stems can be planted deeper than they were growing
without problems.)

And, of course, Impatiens prefer light shade,
but will tolerate sun if kept WELL watered.


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cherylk(Z5-Cent IL)

Sunset, are you waiting until the pods are ripe? These pods are not ripe yet (in the picture). When impatiens pods are ripe, they will actually explode when you touch them. I always put a coffee filter under the pods when I touch to see if they are ready, that way the seeds won't get away from me.


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No, cherylk, they're ripe. See the brown seeds showing through at the base of the pod? And when I touched the pod, it *DID* explode.

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MelissanBrian(6a KS)

WOW! I am so happy I read all of this- I was getting my Impatien seeds for the first time today and I wish I had read this beforehand. I will know better next time. Thanks again- This info Is very helpful to me! Melissa

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I am glad I did a search on impatiens. I too have been wondering where the pod formed. I just looked at some of my planters and I see a few small greenish looking pods forming. I will keep an eye on them now. I too, think I will put a coffee filter under the pods when I begin to check them, so not to let the seeds get away.


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how many days does it take for them to mature.

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