Millipedes in my Sans

shadara(5b-6a)June 5, 2009

So far, since bringing plant home a couple months ago, I've noticed a millipede or three popping through drainage holes in bottom of pot. Initially didn't bother me, but now wondering if it's a pest and don't care for it to be there in my houseplant. It's kinda creeping me out now.

It's still in original pot from store and looks like it's trying to bust out root-style (as S. trifasciata do). I was going to repot, but noticed these invaders.

I've read about submerging the pot in water for a couple hours, but wouldn't that hurt a Sans?

Anywho.. what do I do during repot to keep these buggers away in the future?

Any suggestions?

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If you submerg the pot befor you repot and then wash the roots that should kill then off and take care of any eggs.

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Sart over with artifical soil mix, wash off roots, and windex them to kill critters keep above ground and on a bench table. You can use Rose food with systemic a Bayer Advanced product. I have used this product for several years. It even kills spider mites. All my San. are sending up flower spikes (punduncles) at this time they are happy campers, San, don't normally have insect problems, the bugs came from the nursery where they were grown. Or where they purchased the plants. Norma

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