Favorite Sansevierias?

logan33(z6 OH)June 9, 2005

I fairly recently got hooked on sans and I am surprised by the variety...all I was ever aware of was a couple of the trifasciata forms. Now I have approximately 20 different ones and love them. I was sorry to see that this forum is so quiet most of the time so I thought I would ask what are some of your favorites...I may need to add some to my collection.
BTW, I guess I will start things off with a few of my favorites...
S.kirkii var.kirkii
S.kirkii var.parva 'coppertone'
hope I got those names right, I didn't take the time to check before typing them... Thanks, logan

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logan33(z6 OH)

oops, that coppertone is pulchra not parva...don't know where I came up with that...

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oosterholt(z7 Netherlands)

I would like to add:
S. fischeri
S. Horwoodii
and the most beautifull: S. Pinguicula.

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The next 5 would be in my top 5 list:

S. pinguicula
S. stuckyi
S. hallii
S. robusta
S. bacularis

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I have a S. halii that a friend gave me from a botanic garden that shall remain unnamed that is actually green/brown. I have never seen one like it anywhere. It's my fave and I named it Marc, after my friend.(is that warped or what?)
Also, S. horwoodii.
Oh, and I have another one from the same friend that he got from Huntington Botanic Gardens at a sale and it has no name on it and I've never seen it elsewhere either. It is very small, leaves no more than 3" long forming a rosette. Mottled dark and apple green leaves w/ a red/brown edge and also the edges are wavy. It is gorgeous!

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

It's still a baby, and may change as it grows older, I know S. fisherii does going through three stages, I do get mine from the Huntington Gardens, once every three years they sell off all of their extra plants, so there I can get documented plants.

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Logan- Even thougb I've been a plant nut since I was a pre-schooler, until a few years ago, I didn't have a clue about all the Sans out there either (a dangerous tool, this Internet ;) A few color forms of trifasciata, a couple hahnii forms,...that's about all that's ever available around here. It's pretty darned cool when you start to see the myriad forms and colors.

Several of my top picks have come from generous folk here and there on GW:
S. kirkii (kirkii & pulcra)
S. sp. Malawi
S. suffruticosa

A couple of my favorites that I've goten for myself:
S. patens
and, even though I'm a bit disillusioned with variegates & their unstable natures, I'll mention S. trifasciata 'Bantel's Sensation' because it can be so very pretty.

And finally, I think a nice, blue-hued S. pinguicula would be my favorite of those I don't have.

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

My favoritte S. rorida

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I tried looking up S. rorida, and couldn't find much. You wouldn't by any chance have a picture you could share, would you?
On the plus side, while searching for rorida info, I found out my sp. Malawi has been described & is now S. downsii.

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Hi 'Dufflebag',
May I ask where one could buy a S. rorida? I think that is the coolest Sans I've ever seen

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Hap_E(z9 Berkeley CA)

Sansevieria francissii is my current favorite... but Sansevieria pearsonii is a close second!

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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

Guess I'm a little late to the party . . but of those sans I have, I think my S.t. 'Cragii' is the most exotic followed by a new acquisition S. parva variegata (half yellow) and then S.t. 'Sunburst'. Is it clear I like the variegated types? :-)

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I only have a few, but my S. ballyi is definitely my favorite. It's so pretty in a hanging basket when it blooms.

I also love the regular old S. Hahnii as a ground cover.

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Who can help me, Iam looking for sansevieria trifasciata 'Golden Hahnii' and can not find it in Germany.

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My favorite is S. Patens, followed by S. T. Bantel's Sensation.

I also like my S. Arborescens... very different, and it is finally putting off babies..

Would love to get a S. Ehrenbergii, as it looks like a nice plant...

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My favorites and why.
S. robusta -- commanding
S. pinguicula -- regal
S. sinus-simiorum -- tough
S. eilensis -- never in a hurry

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My very first sans, S. singularis (now fischeri)
S. trifasciata laurentii
S. trif. Hahnii marginated
S. kirkii v. pulchra
S. suffruticosa

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

S. rorida, is one of the rarest. The Huntington may offer it for sale, I took leaf starts of it 5 years ago, and I sure it will be on the ISI list soon. Watch the next March- April listing. Maybe S. 'Forscate' at that time as well.

I don't have S. eilensis, it is the rarest of them all, I will trade for it as well.
I don't have S. sinus-simiorum I will trade.
I do have a 'Koko' from Ed Eby from Koko Crater collection of Forester (spelling) Nat. Park - for trade.

Wankel, I think I have that plant that you want. You know they get very large. I will trade make an offer.
Only 63 are listed as succulent at this time, in the new succulent books. There are more out there however, Juan Chahanian has introduced several new plants in his new book which is available now.

I forgot, I wanted to tell the person who got a plant with wavy leaves from the Huntington that it is a attempted cross with Horwoodii and Kirki made by John Trager that were being sold with no names. How did that plant turn out now? John Trager would really like to know.

We also sold some open pollinated plants, grown from seed, seed from Ed Eby of Hawaii, perhaps you purchased one of those.

My S. rorida, has stiff dark green leaves that fan out. No curve, 'Koko' also grows that way. Straight up in a fan, but has a channel. S. rorida will have a branched infl. and a very unusual flower which looked red to me, it could be the growing conditions. Location, location is everything. Thank you, Norma

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

I checked on the Huntington supply of San. today. They do have S. patton that is the only one that is the size that could be sold by ISI. If you can go to the web page go directly to jtrager@huntington.org and order it direct and get instructions from him. He is in his office in the mornings.

The new one is just putting out new growth at this time. They are leaf cuttings and just are not ready. Not big enough to sell, we sold out of the first crop.
The Hungtingon sends them out bare rooted. The post office doesn't want the soil in the box. It would weigh more and you don't want to pay extra for the postage. The plants need to be small because of shipping. Anything else you need to know please contact me directly. Crasulady2

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I have a lot of favorites. but going off top of head with no tags either lol. I have about 50 or so different ones.
s. masioniona congo
s. deserti
s. cylindricia
s. sinus-simiorum
s. suffruticosa "frosted spears"
s. singularis
S. bandipur
s. patens
s. kirki superclone
s. intermedia
s. ahhh the huge one that makes single spears to 7 foot or so i cant think of it.

Thats just off top of my head i have so many. but no wi have to go outside and plant around 20 some Sans. balley. I had some to rot over last winter and rooted all the leaves and now i have a huge family of them.

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shauntavia(z8 GA)

i would like to see pics of these different varieties you all noted. i just orderd the moonshine. wasn't aware of the different ones everyone named

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Why don't I start with the favorites of the ones I currently OWN? Then, I'll tell you which ones I'm lusting after. LOL

1.) S. Kirkii var. Pulchra 'Coppertone'
2.) S. Fischerii
3.) S. White Striped Giant(unsure on this ID, Smoley named it, haven't been able to confirm it)
4.) S. Hahnii 'Swirls'
5.) S. Hahnii 'Jade Dwarf Marginated'
6.) S. Hahnii 'Silver Marginated'

Now, here's what I'm lusting after!
1.) S. 'Masoniana'
2.) S. 'Pinguicula'
3.) S. 'Patens'
4.) S. 'Frosty Spears'
5.) S. 'Halli'

I think this is a good stopping place....I could go on and on and on....


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I have become much more familiar with this Genus in the past year or so. Most of my plants are still young, but my favorites include:
S. masoniana
S. kirkii pulchra 'Coppertone'
S. t. 'Craigii'
S. t. 'Gold Flame'
S. t. Hahni 'Silver Frost'
S. hallii "Blue Bat".

I love seeing, but do not own, some of the unusual variegates, particularly variegated masoniana and some of th cylindrial variegates. Great group of plants!

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I love the ones with cylindrical leaves! They look like little hands.


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I am in search of a Sansevieria Stuckyi plant. The one that grows very tall apox 6ft or taller. Does anyone have one for sale or trade or know where I can find one?

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I really like hallii's family. But S. pinguicula is my favorite!. Very beautiful!.

Hi Carl!
Are you looking for S. stucky still? Few month ago, my friend ordered it from Bob Smoleys. They delivered her a big one, it's about 60cm long ;)
Please try!!!
Good luck!


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Bantel's Sensation

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my favorit sans is
1 silver blue
2 rorida
3 ehrenbergii somalia
4 lavranos 24977
5 sinus simiorum
6 kirki super clone var monkey bay
7 sp 21837 mafinga tanzania ( dragon blue )

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I'm a newbie to Sansevierias and have been like a kid in a toy store! I particularly lean towards the silver leaved specimans. The following are some of my favorite (so far!):

S. TRIFASCIATA 'Silver Queen'
S. TRIFASCIATA "Moon Glow' (also marketed as 'Moonshine' - fabulous plant!)
S. Sulcata (young plants so far - leaves look like long #2 pencils!)

I also have enroute a SANSEVIERIA SCHWEINFURTHII that I'm looking forward to receiving as it looks like an interesting plant!

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Well, I received the Sansevieria schweinfurthii and I have to say it's exceptional! I'd have to say it's moved to the top of my list of favorite plants.

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