help me make the most of my salvia please!

jessie21(zone 5)May 26, 2007

i have one nice blue salvia (it may be may night or something similar) that is about 7-8 years old, has been divided (to give to friends) a couple of times. i just love it and would like to know the best way to keep it blooming and beautiful all summer. it is just beginning to bloom now and will be fantastic in another week or two. i usually just cut fading blooms as i notice them fading. they do bloom again, but not nearly as nicely and brightly. they are kind of scrawny and droopy compared to the first bloom. any suggestions? should i fertilize and if so, when or how often? any special timing or manner of cutting back or is cutting faded blooms all i can do? i know they can look better throughout the summer than mine do. help!

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CA Kate

After the bloom is finished try pruning it back a bit, not just deadheading it --- how far I can't say because you don't know the variety.

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jessie21(zone 5)

thank you westelle. i will try that. how about fertilizer? should i use it and if so, when?

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CA Kate

A little general garden fertilizer wouldn't hurt... kinda like salt & peppering... once a season. I like the kind of fertilizers that dissolve over a long period of time, like Osmocote. (sp?)

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