Sansevieria trifasciata ID and Questions

greendale(6B)June 16, 2012


Note: This post was posted on the house plant forum yesterday, It is post here again for better exposure per suggestion.

I just got this little guy (My first Sans) from grocery store yesterday. And it has no tag.

I wanted to know if it will grow into something taller?( like the following two, pictures are from web, and liked the first one very much - very elegant)

Or did I get the wrong cultivar? Because they look so different from what I got. Mine is more Rosette, but theirs are more like grow from the soil single leave and it is so tall. (Saw some in home depot like that, grow very narrow leaf straight from the soil, but without the yellow stripes on the edge)

I read from international sansevieria society that there are 3 groups of Sans

normal full size,

medium size with wide leaves (Futura type)

dwarf bird's-nest size (Hahnii type).

Is mine in the different group from those two? What group is mine and what are theirs? OR it is just the different between a juvenile and mature plant?

Thanks in advance

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Hi Greendale!

I think this is a black gold superba because of its wide leaves... It grows to about 10 inches in height with leaves 2-4 inches wide. There is a taller one and a hahnii with the same coloration. I love the deep black leaves Greendale!

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Stush2049 Pitts. PA, zone 6

Those are exactly like the ones I purchased last year. Mine only goes to 12 inches but who knows? They may spring to 4 foot. Althrough I really doubt that. I just added a picture of a leaf of one to our contest of widest leaf. It was 3-3/4 inch. It had extra yellow in the leaves also. One stripe down the middle of the leaf, but only on the inside.
I will have to agree with 'lovemysans' on this.

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Thanks LoveMySans and Stush. I just measured the little guy, the height (from soil to tallest leaf tip) is almost 15inches.

I did more research and think the elegant one (the 4th photo) is Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii', is it?

Yes, I love the dark green leaves without the light gray-green cross-banding.

I actually saw home depot has some taller/thinner Sans with yellow stripes on the edge today, but again, it does not have the name, not sure if it is Sansevieria trifasciata 'Laurentii' -the one I assume I wanted. should I get another one??

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Absolutely you should get another...or maybe two. One can never, ever have enough Sans!!

And look closely at each plant. They sometimes have more than one hybrid in the same shipment.


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Greendale, because of its faint markings I'd say it's a trifasciata "black gold"... Same coloration as "black gold superba" but with thinner/taller leaves. Not sure though Greendale...

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Thanks for all the replies.

I think it is good enough for me to know it is the Futura type (Medium size with wide leaves). And looks like it is "Black Gold".

Lovemysans, are you saying that there is a "Black Gold" Normal full size type.

Nevertheless, I love this little guy.

One more question, What could be the species of the San in the 4th photo? In another word, I wanted a San with the dark green leaves without the light gray-green cross-banding, with the yellow stripes on edge, and taller (Normal Full size type), what species should I look for?

Again, Thanks a lot

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I agree with the above......."Black Gold" is not a valid name, I don't think, but it is a name commonly used and I like it better than 'Compacta' which I think is the actual, offician name. That is what your description seems to indicate also, and I think your plant will grow taller and be one and the same plant you indicated. Though this cultivar grows "tall", it does stay a little shorter than the more common tall green Sans and/or laurenti (tall green with yellow edges), but the center of the leaf is also darker.

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Greendale...I know of two "black golds". The one that you have with the wider leaves. Which I think is beautiful... The one with wider leaves is a trifasciata black gold superba. Then there is a 'black gold' that also goes by trifasciata laurentii Compacta. This one has thinner leaves and more markings... Then there is trifasciata hahnii jade dwarf marginated that has the same coloration too.

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Ahh,I give up - the name thing gets me more confused. Anyway, thanks very much. I will continue looking for some Sans that will grow taller (like the one in 4th picture).

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