grow S. greggii 'Dark Dancer' from cuttings?

pfmastin(8 N. Carolina)May 23, 2007

Can I grow Salvia greggii 'Dark Dancer' from cuttings now?

Thanks in advance.


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Absolutely. Hardier greggii have survived for me even when planted out in July. They will probably even bloom this fall.

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Is it correct that Salvia Dark Dancer is actually cross between S. muelleri and S. microphylla? It's usually listed as a S. greggii. See description in link:

Here is a link that might be useful: San Marcos Growers

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Salvia greggii Dark Dancer is a release of M. Nevin Smith, before he joined Suncrest Nursery and while he had his own place. It was a spontaneous hybrid, as I recall, and is certainly mostly greggii. All microphylla hybrids have some microphylla traits, especially in the leaf margins. The only exceptions are those based on S. lemmonnii (more accurately, S. microphylla v. wislizenii), which has entire leaf margins like greggii.

My release Raspberry Royale is very similar, but is not as erect and has smaller, but more numerous flowers. Since I had a small collection at the time, I'm much more certain about the parentage.

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I have had some powdery mildew prblems w/S"Dark Dancer"
but the occasional milk spray cleans it right up. I have
not had anything since. We have had a cool spring and "Dark Dancer" has been blooming for quite sometime. Happy as can be.Good time to get cuttings going as well.

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desertsage(7b USDA Sunset 10)

My S.greggii Dark Dancer has never had a powdery mildew problem. But we never have much humidity. It never blooms as well as most of my other S. greggii. But saying that it looks great today.

I am still bothered by once a week 31 degree nighttime temps, 30-60 mph wind gusts, and hail last week.

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We had hail last year everything survived 1" size hail just looked really bad for a while.
Sorry to hear about the winds sounds bad.

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