yellowing salvia

jchristy_growerMay 12, 2010

i am new to gardening and desperately trying to learn the many tricks of the trade, one of the plants i recently bought was a salvia (red and white) that has grown quite nicely but now the leaves are beginning to turn yellow. i live in se texas and the heat is turning up and we havent had much rain at all but i water every evening. can anyone tell me if i am watering too much, not enough, or is it just too hot or what. appreciative newbie.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Abnormal yellowing of leaves, followed by abnormal amounts of leaf drop might be an indication of root die-off. How loose is your soil, and does it have any humus in it? Leaf mold and finished compost are really good at relieving stress in Salvias.

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Where in SE Texas are you?
What is soil like Clay,Sand Etc..? FYI- my established
S.greggii will start yellowing & dropping leaves
when it gets dry.Here in Central Texas things are drying
out already.So some have began to drop the larger "Rain induced foliage" and started replacing them w/ smaller leaves for better drought tolerance.
The Plant you are describing sounds like S. microphylla
"Hot Lips".Ours is planted in some shade and a well drained mix.We will look forward to hearing back from you.

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watering every day sounds like too much! Especially if you have clay soil/poor drainage...

It seems to me that yellow leaves in many instances can mean over-watering. (sometimes it's iron deficiency, as in citrus)

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