Purple Majesty

CA KateMay 6, 2007

I was feeling very lucky this spring after our unusually cold winter, I wasn't seeing that any of the more tender Salvias didn't make it. Now, As I'm cleaning out the monsters I'm finding the dead "bones" of S. guarentica Purple Majesty. Not a one survived no matter where they were planted. Curious.

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Ahh, that's too bad, Westelle! And curious, I agree. I assume they were established plantings. This was a strange weather year, but I'm thinking it didn't get down to 10F at your house. :)


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CA Kate

No, it didn't get that cold, and some were in protected areas. I was really surprised because other Salvias that are more tender and are more exposed survived just fine.

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That is odd. Mine survived the winter of 05-06. It was one of the mildest winters we've ever had but temperatures must have gone lower than what you had this year. After the February and March we had here I don't expect to be so lucky again.

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Me too, I used to live in zone 9 and remember what the weather was like. I'm still counting my losses here and haven't given up hope on many of the herbaceous sages like uliginosa, guarantica and a few others that have survived for years here. What surprised me was that some tiny seedlings of what appear to be greggii made it through the winter, the same winter that seems to have done in several years old Wild Watermelon microphyllas.

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