starfruit seeds?

jayson745January 19, 2008

Well, I have always loved this fruit, but they charge a fortune for them. I bought a couple the other day, and was wondering how I would go about sprouting the seeds? I'm assuming they are a tropical plants and dont need a cool period. So I just have to dry them out, then sprout them like any other seed? How long do they need to dry?


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fruitnutgrower(9a Jax, Fl)

Starfruit seeds dont keep well, so plant them right away. I have planted several batchs from store bought fruit and have found they sprout easily in 2-6wks. My oldest is about 4yrs old now, no fruit yet and it's about 5ft tall. reportedly, success of getting decent fruit from seed grown plant is about 1/5 (not to bad for tree fruit.)
Hates Wind, Hates direct sun (until mature.) hates cold. Hates to be dry (so keep it moist.) also, hates to be moved around.....
in short... I have killed several of them. they are a little finicky and not to be grown by the faint of heart. Had one about 4ft tall at 3yrs of age and doing great. moved it into a "brighter" spot and it died within 10dys.

defiantly a tropical plant. but reportedly will survive 25F for short time when mature. im not brave enough to try yet:)

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thats not what I wanted to hear ;)

Mabey thats why they cost so much in the store.

I was going to keep it in the house in the winter, and outside in the summer. I guess I'll try it anyway, but wont get my hopes up to much

So I just plant the fresh wet seeds?
And I didn't know only some trees got fruit. I guess I'll start a bunch of them, then one day keep the one that fruits for me.

Thanx for all the tips :)

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