'Traveling' Salvia--Did this happen?

weeder_tooMay 13, 2007

Two years ago, we put in some salvia plants in my friends' garden. Sorry, I don't know which kind, but it's one of the blue, spikey flowers, that I've seen a lot of over the years. Last summer they came right back, in a slightly larger cluster.

This year, not one salvia. But the neighbors had a salvia patch suddenly appear in their yard! About the same area my friends' covered last summer, but more sparse. And this weekend, the neighbors had even more, growing along their drive!

I've searched a good bit to find out how salvia spread, but have found nothing. We're all perplexed...did my friends' salvia "travel" to the neighbors' yard? If so, how?

Thanks for your help.

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CA Kate

Bird droppings with your Salvia seeds inside.

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Thank you, westelle. That had been one of my first thoughts, but then I read that salvia were difficult to propagate from seeds. And there are quite a few in the neighbors' yard.

Sure wish those birds had dropped some of those seeds in my friends' garden. The salvia were among my favorites, and I'll miss tending them this summer.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

Salvia seeds are too soft to survive a predator's gut. It is more likely that the glutinous seed coat caused the seed to stick to some critter and was groomed off in a different location later.

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