any seed savers in z7/8 Southeast?

cousinfloydJanuary 13, 2014

I already posted the following to the vegetable forum, but I thought it would be good to copy here. I'm interested in connecting with other seed savers (particularly of edible crops) in my region. I'm a full-time, very small scale diversified direct-market farmer, farming together with my wife and the help of our children. Garden crops make up about half of the money-making part of our farm activity, covering 2+ acres/year. We try to save as much of our seed needs as we can. Toward that end we don't grow any hybrids, although we've thought about hybrids we could produce ourselves, and we've saved some seed from hybrids and unintentional crosses. I'm definitely interested in normal garden crops, but there are some less common crops that have become much loved staples for our family (roselle, yacons, summer spinach, etc.), and I'm also very interested in normal foods that aren't normally grown on a home scale (grains, oil seeds, pulses, etc.) I've gotten great ideas and advice and new-to-me seed varieties from one enthusiastic seed saver I've gotten to know, and I'd love to connect with others in the region. If you're a seed saver that might be open to sharing advice, talking, swapping seeds, etc., I'd be very happy to hear from you.

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If you save hybrid seeds unless you cross the hybrid yourself, it wont be a hybrid, it will be one plant or the other.

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I am an hour south of ATL and prefer saving edibles and herbs. Some say I am 7b, others 8.

I'd love to trade. My list is incomplete, but go look. I also have cuttings and some natives that are interesting that may not yet be on that list (which is a work-in-progress).

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Is there any way to access lists or contact each other directly since the change over to Houzz?

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I added my wishlist to my profile as someone else suggested, but I saw no contact link. I almost wonder if the new management intends for this site to become all about commerce and wants to discourage trading. Why else buy a site if they won't make money. But, if the site becomes that, most of us will leave. Perhaps we should all change our 'names' to include our email addresses, a special one set up just to trade. But, then where to list our zone/geographical area? I almost think the new management is testing us to see how many leave before they feel forced to add back our contacts and trade info...they may have to be feel backed into a corner before they do it. The ads will be coming shortly, too, I bet.

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