Garden Dream

Dudleya(CA z8 mendocino)January 13, 2005

So there I am, puttering about a old monastery garden, mossy weathered stones and lush, damp, rampant growth everywhere. Just like a slice of heaven with all the medicinal herbs, well grown and pungent. Then I see a bed with many Salvia of different types (all correctly Eurasian) in flower and seed. I keel down and begin to collect some seeds for myself when who should come kneel beside me but Brother Cadfael. Smiling to each other we start to chat in low tones about the various uses of Sages the while pinching leaves under our noses to take in the many heady scents. He then reaches into my hand to take a pinch of seeds and sprinkles them in the bed. Smiles again pats me on the back and wanders wordlessly away. Awake, and such the best way to start my day.

Any other garden dreams out there?


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