How does everyone store their seeds?

gardengnome523January 16, 2012

Hi everybody!

So this is year 3 with my urban gardening adventures & I'm starting to get overwhelmed with all these seed packets! Where do you guys store all of your seed packets? I've seen ideas like jars & boxes. This is my problem though: I would like to have an easier way browse all of my packets without have to clear off my dinner table to find the one I want.

Is there a place that has like a seed catalog product or something? A google search for "seed binder" turned up the idea of a CD wallet. But this doesn't allow you to see the back of your packet and it really isn't very professional looking. Any ideas???

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I am also working on doing some inventory and organization of my seed collection. What I have come up with is to transfer all my seed into glass jars with a small sticker label for variety, year, source. Then I plan to write up an alphabetical reference for all my seeds, so I can find out the more detailed info originally listed on the seed packs. This also allows me to write in my own personal observations as well, such as..slow to bolt in early summer, or tastes best as a fall crop etc.

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Thanks for the info. I'm trying to find a way to read my retail seed packs without taking them out of the container. Like a catalog or binder maybe.

Let me ask you: How many seeds types do you estimate that you have?

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I have most of my seeds in Binders. As time went by, I was doing a variation of following:

  1. Regular wide binder (with clips) with sheet protector pages (Avery) - I stapled them into three sections and from side inserted seed pkg. Then I used dividers to sort out these see trough pages with seeds into Perennials, Annuals etc.
    2. From Lee Valey 'Seed Keeper' - expensive, but Christmas gift. This is similar idea of filing seed pkgs as above.
    3. Value Village find: Binders made for recipe cards or business cards. Same system as above, but much easier and cheaper. These types are the best.
    Now I have different binders and keep each for different category i.e. Perennials etc.
    Just to enjoy looking at what I have, I just started on pinterest (see on Internet).
    Hope I gave you good ideas and you will be able to organize your seeds well.
    Good luck.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pinterest

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