Sansevieria leaf cuttings info hydroponics?

homagoldJune 20, 2013

Dear all,

I have two Sansevieria leaf cuttings which i'm keeping in water, in a glas jar. the little roots are about 1 cm long. Now I want to get these cuttings into a hydroponics system. is there anything I should be aware of? Do I have to cover the hydroponic system, so the roots do not dry out before they actually set roots in the material? The pot is about 30 cm high filled with large clay pebbles and the upper area is not very humid. Or should I add the cuttings to a different material first, maybe a smaller pot? and let the roots grow a little more?

The roots seem to be happy to grow under water, will they rot as soon as I take them out and put them into "just humid" clay pebbles?

I heard that putting a soil-growing Sansevieria into hydroponics straight away doesn't work. the plant will rot after just a few days... I read that it could work via leaf cuttings that have never seen any soil.

Has anybody done this before?

Thanks for your help!

best, thomas

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Stush2049(Pitts., Pa. 6)


Read down to Pirate_Girl's post. She has had great success with growing Hydo-Sans.
I also heard that water roots differ from soil roots. I don't have knowage in this area but you did come to the right place.

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My friend gave me a S. masoniana cutting which was grown in water. It had seven tiny offsets, litle tiny knobs of roots, I put it in a mix as soon as I got it. It adapted very rapidly. What is the advantage starting them this way. They won't go through a giant shock if you start them into soil. now until Oct. 15 it is warm enough to do so. So now I am looking for homes for these young plants. The parent was variegated the offset may not until later in life. Many of my 20 year old plants are doing so now. Norma Lewis

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I'd probably wait until the roots are a bit longer, maybe 2 or 2.5 cm, unless they seem to have "maxed out" (i.e. they've stayed about that length for a month or longer). You definitely need to get the roots down into the "humid zone" for the plant to really take, which might be an issue with such a tall pot -- I've found that if you plant the leaf too low down in the hydro medium it'll rot before the roots fully grow in. Depending on the exact container, you might be able to work around this by using a deeper reservoir or by watering on a daily basis, at least until it's rooted and you're getting new growth.

FWIW, for a small Sans, I tend to prefer a shallower pot than what you describe -- not more than 15-20 cm. I've also, to be honest, had more luck rooting full plants in hydro than individual leaves, but YMMV. (If you've managed to get the leaf to root you're doing better than I've ever done with any trifasciata variety, at least.)

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


I've done a fair amount of these always starting from single leaves. I use small containers, pls. search here to see pix of my setups.

I'm self taught in growing these in water, have learned by the seat of my pants, reading online & experimenting.

Pls read up on Hydro culture & Leca stones as medium. I use small pots within small pots. The pot size you're suggesting is too large &/or too deep, I don't know how well that would work. Mine do best when just the bottom inch or 2 of the leaf are in the water.

Hiya Norma,

It's not about starting them in Hydro for any advantage. It's about growing them permanently in Hydro.

My hydro family (now over a year old, has never seen mix, none of them, ever). Each of these 3 plants was started in water & continues in water.

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