Victoria Blue

agrowingpassion(7B)May 30, 2007

I realize Victoria is not considered a true salvia since it is an annual BUT I love the plant and bought 12 for the garden. All planted in groups of three and all 12 in totally different parts of the yard are dying. This is a real "no brainer" and I am a pretty knowledgable gardener but I can't understand what the problem is. Too little water, or too much water??? I really hate to loose these favorites. They add so much to the gardens summer color. Help!! I planted them about a month ago. Great soil and good drainage.

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Not sure how much water you're giving them, but they need a LOT, especially if it's been hot where you are.


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ramazz(8a VA)

Some of my Victoria Blue came back this year, some did not. They don't get a lot of water in my yard. I have drip hoses that I run every 4 days or so if it doesn't rain. Do they look like they are drying out? That should be a clue as to whether they need more water.


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Sorry, anything that needs watering more than once a week in my yard during hot weather is a lot to me. I should have clarified that. :)

And I also wanted to say that I consider S. farinacea to be a "true" Salvia! Not sure about other people. LOL


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I'm sure its getting enough water. Just thought it may be too much water. I water every other day or every third day. Water bill was $125. for one month. My only vise, and althogh I have a small yard, I have a large garden area.

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