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summerdew786(z7 to 11)January 9, 2006


I have more than 30 varieties of Amaryllis and all are well known registered varieties. I never tried cross breeding infact I have no idea how to do it.

I dont want to get new colors, i just want to multiply my old breeds. So guys I need your help how to do it. For example I have a breed named "Apple Blossom" I just want to get more bulbs out of it I can't wait for them producing single bubblet every year.

Is it possible to get it's seeds? How to get seeds? do I have to do self pollination or should I just wait for the flower to die and produce seed naturally?

I have no idea. Please Guide me!

Best Regards,


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To get the seeds, take a paint brush and pretend your a bee movings from stamen to pistol and back & forth. I do this a couple of times a day until the flowers are all dead. If you keep your flowers away from all other flowering amaryllis, your resultant seeds would be reasonably close but not an exact clone. Make sure you wash the brush or use seperate ones for seperate plants. Leave the flower on the stalk until it is completely dried out. If you were successful, there will be a seed pod right where the flower used to attach to the stalk. If you take a look first (before pollination) you will not notice a bulge but after you pollinate and the flower dies off(hopefully)you will see a bulge. Some will be bigger than others. I just let them dry out until the "pod" and stalk are completely brown then I put a taped baggie over the pod to catch the seeds when the pod bursts open. So far I have had 5 out 5 successes trying to produce seed, hopefully you will too.

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