New siblings/children of Wendy's Wish?

rosydreamsJune 3, 2014

This is my first time posting in the Salvia forum so, hi there! :)
I was at my local mom-n-pop nursery, chatting with the owner, who is pretty knowledgable and enjoys bringing in lesser known plants with the usual stuff. I was buying a few more Wendy's Wish salvias and he mentioned to me that there were some new salvias, like Wendy's Wish, coming in that he had ordered.
He said they had "Wish" in their name, were different colors and were coming out branded in conjunction with either Sunset magazine or Southern Living? I believe he said the names were "Ember's Wish" and "Love and Wishes". I think he said one of them was coral colored. Sounded intriguing.
Does anyone have any details about them? Thank you so much. :)

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Yes there are 2, the names you said are correct, my salvia
love and wishes should be here tomorrow, here is a pic of salvia embers wish,

Cheers Annette

Here is a link that might be useful: Salvia 'Ember's wish'

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These will both become available next year.

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Thank you, I seemed to have forgotten my manners & to post my thanks for the reply. Looking forward to buying both. Also heard for warm wishes, a plum variation. :)

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