Salvia relatives - the orange saturejas...

DariotJr(z9)June 14, 2005

Hi everyone,

I know we all have an addiction to salvias BUT to many of us this addiction spreads also to other mint family members...

after falling for Agastache, Teucrium, Poliomintha and Stachys, I recently discovered there are species of Satureja with orange flowers!

I've "discovered" the following:

S.mimuloides from Florida , which needs lots of moisture and doesn't exactly fit my way of xeriscape gardening here in Athens, Greece.

S.elliptica, which I got to see live in a trip to the Andes of Peru. I would describe it as a small shrub with all of its stem tips covered in orange tubular flowers... hmm.. quite like an orange Poliomintha! there is a picture online somewhere, google satureja elliptica and you'll see it

S.mexicana, my favorite one. I saw this one growing in UCBerkeley botanical gardens (in the mesoamerican section) and was really impressed! more like a "cross" between an orange agastache and a microphylla sage!!! a small perennial shrub full of bright orange flowers. I have a picture of it which I don't exactly know how to post to the forum.

S.guatemalensis (or S.seleriana)...again a shrub with orange flowers, never seen it though... just a pic on the web, which I actually can't find again.

Anyone out there who can contribute any info about these 'subtropical' saturejas? or maybe a source (plants or seeds?)


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well, looked around a little and found out how to url link a picture. here is the one I took in UCB

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Check out this orange Salvia confertifolia in an English garden:

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that's a nice combo for S.confertifolia. I grow it here in Greece too, it gets up to 2m and doesn't stop flowering until the end of December, when we usually get our first low temps.

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Where can I buy seeds for Salvia confertifolia? Is it hardy in zone 6? If not, does it act like annual in zone 6?
Thanks for any information.

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You can buy a plant of S.confertifolia through mail order from Plant Safari, Digging Dog Nursery, Canyon Creek Nursery or Richard Dufresne (A world of Salvias). I don't expect it to be hardy in zone 6 (maybe somedoby esle here has experience with that). But is should grow as a fine annual if you buy a plant early in spring as it grows very fast.
Dariot JR

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Check out my earlier posting about Salvia confertifolia in this forum -- I get advice on how to overwinter this plant. My three from Digging Dog are growing well, but nowhere near blooming yet. Here's two more photos I took at the Hot Garden at Bosvigo in Cornwall:

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Very nice, love those orange Dahlias! My s. confertifolia is far from blooming since I accidentally broke the tip branch (a start from cutting).

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Hi DariotJR,

Thank you for pointing out this genus, I will have to research it. As if I need another plant group to be addicted to hahahahahaha.


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