salvia lepechinia

johnburtonstutz(8-9)June 11, 2014

Need help identifying. Native nursery in Vacaville says it is a Pitcher Sage of perhaps Turkish origin. Large arrowhead leaves with lots of white fuzz on stems, 4-5 feet tall, prolific bloomer and seeds medium.

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It looks like salvia canariensis, It is native to the Canary Islands.

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Lepechinia is the name of a genus, so I believe that by the rules of plant naming there can never be a plant called Salvia lepechinia.

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Sure Annette is correct, certainly seems to be S. canariensis.

Yes, Lepechinia is a different genus, but L. hastata is often named, incorrectly, as L. salviae!

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Thank you Annette68 & Robinmi on to identifying the other 40 salvia's that have no tags!

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