Okay, all you Salvia folks...

GawdinFever(z5b/St. Louis, MO)June 6, 2005

Can someone id this for me? Some seem to think it's a salvia of some sort. I really have no idea.



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Looks like culinary sage.

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This is a dumb question but what does it smell like? Because it kind of looks like lemon balm. Sarah

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the leaf texture is the same as lemon balm, but the growth pattern's wrong- it doesn't make rosettes like that.

does look like cooking sage, but the leaves are kind of fat to be the kind I have...

it could just as easily be one of those not-lettuces that you find in 'mixed greens'...

any reaction to the crush and sniff test?

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the foliage is like that of Salvia horminum (also called S.viridis or painted sage).
Can you tell if it's an annual or a perennial? If it's an annual it's propably painted sage

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