DFW winter hardy salvias for partial shade?

Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)June 2, 2005

Salvias typically love sun but does anyone have experience with perennial salvias (zone 7b/8a) that tolerate shade/sun conditions?

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ljrmiller(z7 NV)

As long as you have excellent drainage, you should be able to grow Salvia greggii, Salvia microphylla (and hybrids), Salvia spathacea and Salvia pachyphylla in part shade--that's where all my tenderest Salvias live because that's where the well-draining soil and the right microclimate are. I'm in Northern Nevada, Zone 7a. Oh--and you will probably need to water them rarely if at all. DFW is WAY wetter (really!) than Reno, Nevada.

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

Thanks! At first I thought you were in Nevada, TX, just up the road a bit, same zone! There is a tiny suburb of a suburb with the same name! :-)

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salvia miniata likes moisture and shade. Sarah

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Check out Salvia roemeriana (cedar sage), native to the Hill Country and a Salvia preferring some shade.

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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

I grow Salvia nubicola, S. koyame, S. van houtteii and S. nipponica 'Fuji Snow' in dappled shade. S. forskaohlei is supposed to take a little shade also.

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I live in Portland, Oregon and grew RED HOT SALLY and VICTORIA BLUE salvia in island beds under Yoshino Cherry Trees, which are also under high limbed oaks. So, my salvia did get some sun in the evening, but usually dappled light.

They also got watered with the lawn sprinkler (sometimes lightly and sometimes very heavily).

They grew beautifully. I was surprised! One of the 3 beds was not shaded and received hot southern sun. The flowers were bigger and brighter, but those in the shadier areas did fine. The Victoria Blue continues to reseed and come up each year.

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Try Salvia amarissima, this likes a shady spot, also I have found that Salvia sagittata prefers some shade.


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You can add madrensis, Costa Rican Blue, involuctrata, corrugata, confertiflora, and dorisiana to the list. All of these I have in mostly shade with some morning sun and dappled afternoon sun and they look pretty happy.


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I have had salvia coccinea coral nymph growing in partial shade for a few years. It seems to love it and keeps trying to takeover the space. It does seem to grow taller with shade. I just cut it back when needed. Tons of blooms for many months throughout the year. I am experimenting with Salvia Victoria in partial shade this summer.

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Most of my salvias get some shade, so you should do well with Guaranitica, Coral Nymph, Lipstick, Bog, May Night, Victoria Blue, Indigo Spires (forgive me that I don't know the Latin name for these). They may not bloom as heavily as they would with full sun, but they will do nicely. Don't overwater them.

Carla in Rowlett, TX

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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

I have Salvia Greggi, Hot Lips, Indigo Spires and Black & Blue. They get their fair share of full sun and are growing very well. I planted another Black & Blue in a very bright area where it gets no direct sun and it is growing and blooming well. We will see on its 1st anniversary next May. Hot Lips has not been pruned and is huge; has appropriated almost two feet into the driveway! I water them with drip irrigation and keep them very well mulched. Except for the newly planted Black & Blue, the others are older, 1-3 years old.

Have fun picking some and planting them. Just remember to water them specially well this time of the year.

Luis in Hurst, TX

PS - Because it is so hot now, you may want to consider buying now but planting them in the Fall. That's is what I usually do during June thru August. The downside is that I have to water any purchases often (almost daily) while they are in the pots. But, I keep the pots in a part shade area together and near a water source.

PS PS - The weather forecast for Saturday calls for temps in the 80s! ALL RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I have salvia greggii, b&b.indigo spires and victoria blue for 2 to 3 years, I have done nothing special. Only one is in full sun(a greggii) and it's growing so so . the others are dappled shade,morning sun,and afternoon sun. They are going gangbusters.I only use Medinas HastaGro fertilizer (foliar feeding). Completly organic and made in Texas.Not expensive. Check out Herrmann's on S Hughes for super cheap salvia

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