Oh no! Accidental extreme seed saving...

SammyG(7)January 1, 2011

After moving into a new house back in September, I finally unpacked the last of our boxes this past weekend. Guess what I found? Containers of seeds that I had saved BACK IN 2007. They are Black Eyed Susan, Pink Cone Flower, and some Champion.

Is there any hope for these seeds? Should I just try to germinate some and see what happens?

Seeds are pretty new to me- I tried it a few years back with minimal success (but plan to do my research this time around!).

Thanks for any suggestions :)


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Hi Samantha,
They should be viable to some extent. Exposure to high heat and/or humidity lowers germination rates. Time also lowers germination rates, but 3 years isn't that long for those seeds. So if you had them stored in halfway decent conditions these past few years, you will get germination.

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An update, many months later!!

I winter-sowed a bunch of them back in January and most of them germinated! I was shocked and thrilled! :)

The campion didn't flower this year, but the pink cone flower and black eyed susans produced a few plants that have flowers on them right now.

Yay for my first experience with winter sowing!

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