Salvia ID

DariotJr(z9)June 14, 2005

I photographed this plant in UCDavis Arboretum. It is commonly planted throughout the arboretum's mediterranean section.

I was wondering which salvia it is. It forms a really big shrub with a thick woody base, in diameter the whole plant reaches more than 4 feet in flower. It sends up long flower spikes in spring that reach a hieght of 5-6 feet and create a 'cloud' of big blue dangling flowers around the plant, whereas the foliage remains on the lower part of the plant.

From what I've found it seems like S.interrupta but the size of the plant and flowers are too big comparing to descriptions I've read for it.

Can somebody help?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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Salvia_guy(z8 OR)

From your descrition it sounds as if this is a salvia that is sold as Candelabra Sage. It has sticky inflorescences and multilobed grayish green leaves.

I suspect this to be a hybrid, between two of the species listed below, as the ones I have never produce seed even after being hand pollinated or visitied by hummingbirds.

DO NOT confuse this with Salvia candelabrum. These are two distinct plants.

S. interrupta leaves are multilobed and apple green, It grows, for me, to about two feet tall when in flower. The flowers start out purple then turn blue. The flowers are held above the foliage.

S. candelabrum has mostly single lobed gray green leaves. The flowers are bicolored with a whitish corolla and purple lips. The flower face upwards. The inflorescence can grow to 4' tall.

S. ringens has grayish green multilobed leaves. The inflorescence can grow to 5' over the foliage. The flowers are large and light purple.
S. recognita has multilobed gray green leaves. It has a pink flower.


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Thanks for your help SG!
You are propably right since I've never seen seeds produced on this as well. Also the bigger size of the plant and flowers can be explained by the hybrid origin.
The plants in UCD have this traits too:
Very sticky inflorescences similar to those of S.recognita.
Very tall inflorescences as you describe in S.ringens.
Maybe it is a hybrid between those two.
Thanks for your help.

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Salvia_guy(z8 OR)

I suspect it is a hybrid between S. ringens and S. candelabrum.


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