A plant to write home about

hummersteveJune 30, 2007

I thought it was time for me to show something , especially for those of you who suffered with me through my first year of germinating salvias , there were success and failure but surprises too at least for me . I wont bore you with all but one in particular that Im very proud of. I really didnt know what to expect , but was really surprised with this one.

Here is one of my lady in red before it bloomed

here is the same plant after it started blooming

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You did a good job Steve. The plant looks healthy and rewarding you for your hard work.

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The lady in red is now loaded with red blooms and the last two or three days the hummers have been all over it, how could they resist its massive red beauty. They also like my black and blues and greggi magenta and primrose.

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squirrelspur(6B/7A NC)

Wow that is just ONE plant? Look at all those blooms, I bet those hummers are happy.

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Yes and all those spikes are now full of blooms. Just think that beauty started from seed , amazing.

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