Crispy Frills lettuce seed

TOM A Z5-IL.January 19, 2012

Has anyone saved any Crispy Frills lettuce seed? I have been looking for it for four years since my seed expired.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Have you tried growing out some of your seed despite the expiration date? You will likely be pleasantly surprised since expiration dates of seeds is primarily a marketing tool, not a true indicator of seed viability.


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Dave-Thanks for responding. I did try as I had been growing Crispy Frills since 1999 until it stopped germinating a couple of years ago. Ocassionally during that time I saved seed myself which came true and purchased more at least one time. Now the only supplier of the seed no longer has it and I cannot find it anywhere. It was the best lettuce ever in all ways.

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They may germinate at least at a lower rate. Lettuce seed is good for 3 years at a decent rate so it is iffy. If you get some going, leave some lettuce to go to seed and collect that seed for future growing. Lettuce seed do not readily cross so what you save will be good.
Expiration dates however are NOT a marketing tool. They are required by law. All vegetable seeds have to be a certain germination rate to be sold, ex. tomato seeds have to have a 75% rate, peppers 60%.
The printing of expiration dates on packets helps to protect the the seller and the consumer. The consumer know that within that planting year, the seeds should(if started properly) grow at the germination rate required or higher. The seller also is protected so that if someone should hold onto those seeds for awhile, they can not be held responsible for seed failure. Of course it is now easier because of computers to keep track of what people bought and when purchase straight from a vendor, but it still holds true from retail store sale. So if a person buys seeds from awhile ago, stores them in a hot muggy room, and then complains that no seeds sprouted or there was poor germination, they are responsible not the seed producer.

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Your response came up while I was still typing mine I guess. I'm sorry you've had no germination :( If you are not part of SSE (Seed Saver's Exchange,) I suggest you post on the Vegetable Forum for asking for members of SSE to check year books of the past couple years to see if anyone had offered it recently. The new yearbook for this year has not come out yet. Joining SSE and acquiring seeds that way might be possible.

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Remy- Thank you for your advice. I tested Crispy Frills for National Gardening in 1999 and thought I could always get more if my seed ever failed to germinate.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Tom, it looks like it is available via Burpees, as well as the Amazon site linked below. Their shipping is $4.55, but if you click on their site name, possibly you can find other seeds of interest to you. They have good feedback rating.


Here is a link that might be useful: Crispy Frills Lettuce Seed Packs

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