Repotted Yesterday, Now Smell Cat Pee

MissShainaJune 23, 2013


I hope someone can offer some advice. I repotted my Sansevieria trifasciata yesterday, and now today I smell cat pee when I'm near the plant. My best guess is that the neighbor's cat got into my shed and peed in the potting soil (the bag was open, but I don't recall smelling cat pee when I was repotting it).

I've read suggestions for getting the smell of cat pee out of houseplants that involve flushing the soil, but I don't think I want to try that with a Sansevieria, especially since mine is already experiencing tranplant shock.

I'm also hoping to avoid re-repotting it because it's already in shock and I'm afraid another transplant would kill it.

Any advice is much appreciated.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)


I've never had this problem but I'd change the mix immediately. Am guessing it's more harmful to stay in the catpeed mix than just be repotted again. I'd do it dry & then make sure to keep it away from where the cat can get it.

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I've been trying to think of someway to get rid of the cat pee smell but it never seems to go away. I think PG nailed it: start over with fresh soil.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

You're giving way too much significance to transplant shock; forget that completely. Maybe that's more true of more delicate AVs or tropicals, but definitely not of Sans.

The cat pee changed the chemical composition of that mix, you need to pls. change the mix completely ASAP; it's not negotiable if you wish the plant to survive. Sorry it's not what you want to hear, I doubt there's any way around this.

FYI: Sans. are not delicate or fragile plants. In nature, they get knocked around plenty, pulled out the of the ground, walked on by cattle, all kinds of stuff.

Being unpotted a couple of times in a short while is nothing, as long as you do it dry & give it a few days before watering it.

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Is it possible that the mix was fine,but the plant got "sprayed"? was the plant a territorial totem for a tomcat?

Was just thinking that when you were potting why on earth wouldn't you smell the "pee" then and there...which led me to think it had to have got "hit" after all that. I'm assuming it was outdoors?

Maybe I'm chasing my tail here...just kinda thinkin out loud,yaknow? :)

Anyhoo other than all that,ditto what all Karen said,..she has the right of it.

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Are you sure it's cat pee? Rotting Sans leaves smell pretty rank - maybe feel for soft leaves, you'll soon know. ;-)

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If the plant is out side why would it use a pot. I have at least two strays, there isn't room in a pot for a cat to pee and cover it up. If there are other places available. It certainly wouldn't use a bag of mix to crawl into. Don't waste the mix. poor it onto soil outside on the ground around you bushes, after winter rains plant the area with color plants that like a rich soil.

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"there isn't room in a pot for a cat to pee and cover it up"

My thought was that it was "spray",not pee. I can see a cat seeing a nice vertical sans and thinking "gee,..that would make such a great signpost for a scentmarking". Next said kitty turns around does the tail kinky thing and presto...bad smelling plant.

Not that any / all of the other theories are any less interesting. :)

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