Tricks to saving pepper seeds?

wokney57(7b)February 25, 2011

Are there any tricks to saving pepper seeds? The reason I ask is I saved some seeds from last September from many different mature fruits and it's been 14 days at 85F and they haven't germinated. In the same time store-bought parsley (10 days), oregano (4), tomatoes (3), marigolds (2) have germinated just fine. It was my first time saving pepper seeds and I noticed that sometimes the seeds would get black edges when they dried out and those seeds I trashed. I only kept the ones that stayed cream-colored and almost waxy. They were stored at room temperature in a paper envelope. They came from plants that were from a burpee seed mix of Big Red, Chardonay, Diamond, Orange Sun, and Purple Beauty. Any ideas?

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My first guess would be lower your temp. Some things actually germinate better at lower temps. Try a range of 65 to 72f before you conclude it is the seed.

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Not sure I agree that the temperature is a problem. These are bell peppers, 85F is ideal and the range is 65-95 according to my county extension. I only have one germination chamber so I had some parsley, kale, and broccoli in there at 85F and those germinated fine. I thought maybe there was something I didn't know about with seed saving. All I did was collect seeds as I ate the peppers over the summer and put them in a paper envelope after they dried. Maybe its not that simple with peppers maybe it is? Last year's packets didn't say anything about being hybrid varieties or anything.

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With hybrids it will either produce no seeds or it will not be true to the parent, and if it does produce seed and is not true then even sometimes that plant may be sterile. Make sense??

I am not where I can post links, but there is a website that has indetail instructions on saving seed. I have posted it in other threads it has info about peppers also. Or do a quick search via web browser for our garden gang seed saving.

If that website pretty much goes along with what you have done, then just try a few seeds at a lower temp. No matter what I grow I always have higher germination rates at lower temps!! 65 to 70!!

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