Black and Blue score!

naplesgardenerJune 3, 2007

I have been dreaming of getting some Black and Blue guarnitica and given up hope but ran into it at Walmart for 3.47. They were beautiful and very healthy.

I don't know how they can sell such a big plant for so little except that everything grows big and fast here in Florida.

I almost never get to Walmart because it's farther away and we aren't big shoppers but I'm going to have to check in more often at the Garden Center there.

No hummers or butterflies found them yet in my garden but the bees have.

I'll have to count but I think I'm up to 10-12 diff. kinds of salvia.

It's been frustrating growing salvias from seed--many don't germinate and some throw up one or two seedlings and then perish.

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Way to go! I found some this week too finally after checking nearly every nursery in town. I have never seen it at Wal-Mart here though. It does grow fast so maybe will be easier to find in the future.
I grew salvia greggii, Yvonne's, subrotundra, coccinea and darcyi from seed this year but can't for the life of me get guaranitica to germinate. This was my third or fourth year to try.
I planted one of my new Black and Blues between the species (guaranitica) and Argentine Skies so I'm hoping I'll get lots of seeds and can try again next year.

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ramazz(8a VA)


The seeds do seem to have a low germination rate. I have a few seedlings and am waiting to see the flowers. Several people here have had success with the seeds, though.


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