Germinating Evening Primrose

flower_addict(z6 PA)February 25, 2005

Hello! I was wondering if someone could help me. I had received Oenothera Evening Primrose seeds in a trade, and I am desperate to germinate these seeds. I am a bit confused because it states in all the sources that I have looked up that they need darkness and 60 to 70 degrees to germinate. I am not confused about the temperature (grin); however, I am a bit leary about this whole darkness thing. Do I sow them and then place them under my bed? Do I sow the seeds deep? What do I do? Help!

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magus(8a BC)

All you have to do is cover it with soil about the same thickness as the seed itself (just guess is good, as long as it's not much too thick), and put it somewhere where it doesn't get much light, preferably where light gets turned off during the night. Or put an opaque covering on the containers. It's not an absolute darkness thing, and you don't need to do anything drastic

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flower_addict(z6 PA)

Magus - Thank you so much for clearing things up for me. It has been a "lightbulb moment". I will definitely be taking your advice and putting it to work. Thanks a million!


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I have an evening primrose (oenethera triloba or caespitosa, I think) The foliage looks almost like a dandylion and the flowers are very pale yellow. The flowers open at dusk and are open for only one night. They open literally before your eyes. The small plant was given to me by and neighbor. I have it in a pot on the deck. It has bloomed (2 blooms) and now has two green pod like things at the base of the plant. I would like to save the seeds or do whatever is necessary to have another of these plants. I have never done this before, any detailed information on how to do this would be appreciated. thanks

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