Germinating Pansies

flower_addict(z6 PA)February 25, 2005

Hello again! Forgive me. I should have posted this question with my posting on evening primrose. Anyway, I am having the same issue with wanting to germinate pansy seeds. It states that they require darkness to germinate. What does this mean? Has anyone had any luck germinating pansy seeds and is willing to share their advice with me?

Thank you!


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patty_z9(z9 CA)

I've never used darkness for pansies, and they germ just fine, barely covered, shady cool spot. If in doubt, I suppose you could cover flat w/damp newspaper or some such. Patty

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I too have never had any luck germinating them. Do they need a cold spell? I had them good fortune one year to find the most amazing pansy seed colors at a big lots, but they just did not come up. I put all the seed in the dirt so I had none left to try again. I no longer do that. I try a few only in if they germinate, great I have seed for the next time. or at least to try another method. flora

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Ferry_Tavern(z5b MA)

I've never set out to germinate pansies, but year before last, I neglected to pull out the pansies in my flower boxes. They went to seed, and sure enough, pansies popped up all over the garden area near the boxes. At first I thought they were weeds and started pulling them out. They came up again this year, and were blooming in the snow in February! So, I guess they can't be too difficult to grow, and probably don't require darkness? They seem to be speading after I let the new ones go to seed last year instead of pulling them out when they look tired. Shelley

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triple_b(BC 5b)

All this talk about fall-sowing and self-sowing is making me think we sometimes work at it alot harder than we need to! It is certainly making me rethink some of my methods.

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