update: update: mnf jan 2010 swap - new beginnings part 2

gardner_golfer(4 MI)January 13, 2010


I am so glad you liked the box I sent!!!!!! OMG I really wanted to make it special for you......I didn't have a lot of seed so I sent my husband on his usual shopping spree ( YES I HAVE A HUSBAND WHO LOVES TO SHOP) he came back with the herb seed, when I saw that you wanted to do an herb garden I was thrilled for you!!! I honestly had more fun putting your box together than you did receiving it, just me, I love to give.........Thanx for making my day complete!!!!!!!!


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gardner_golfer(4 MI)

I forgot, I was so excited for you, my husband brought this Poppy seed home from Canada on one of his hunts, it is a beautiful peony type poppy, I have had 2"+ blossoms and yes they are a wonderful RED! Plant in spring or fall or just let them drop and grow where they may. Very easy to gather also!!

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Hi Dawn, please thank your hubby as well will you, i am excited about getting my herb garden started,and about the poppy seed,your hubby actually gathered the seed for you?How nice.
Wayne is really nice also, he does not glean seed for me, but he would if i asked him,he does pretty much any thing i ask of him.
I understand about the excitement of putting the box together, i think we all try to do the best we can,any way i do,and its proof, you do.ha ha

Where did you ever find them garden gloves?They look like they will work out great.Can't wait to try them.
I hope your box will be as nice as mine,and i hope every one will go read the last posting,so they can see what all you sent.

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