Maiden Pinks Brillancy from seeds

angel123(San Antonio, Tx)February 25, 2005

I bought a pack of seeds of the maiden pinks Noticed they are tiny black seeds. Im new to this so bear with me. I want to plant outside as a ground cover. Do i dig my soil and add the whole package of seeds or Do i add a few for a hole. How long will i see the leaves till they germinate? Do they prefer sun or shade. Please help!! ZONE8B.

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Angel, I think you'll get better advice at the "Growing from Seed" forum; they can tell you how to plant anything. As a rule, tiny seeds are sown on a prepared bed, barely covered and kept moist until they germinate. But check with the people at the link below for better information.

I was born at Ft Sam Houston and grew up in San Antonio. I love the city, but couldn't take the heat. I envy your tomato-growing season!

Here is a link that might be useful: Link to Growing from Seed forum

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magus(8a BC)

The seed starting forum would be a better place to put postings like these, I agree, for next time (you'll get more answers). But since you're here... :) Maiden pinks are very easy to start from seed. I also agree that starting inside or wintersowing would be better ways to start them, but if you still want to start them sown into the ground (which should be fine), what you should do is prepare your soil, then sow them fairly thinly on top of the soil (if you can pick them one by one, maybe about one seed per square foot, maybe two if you want to make sure at least one germinates - you'd want to give them a little space to grow), then sprinkle soil on top of them. The rule of thumb is put soil on top of the seeds about the same thickness as the seed, so don't put on too much, or they'll have a hard time reaching the surface when they germinate. And pinks germinate very easily (even old seeds), so don't dump a whole packet in one spot. But if you have more than one too close together, you can always transplant them to another location. They don't mind transplanting - just water them afterwards to ease the shock. And they take sun, or partial shade, or even bright shade (ie. lots of reflected light). Good luck. They are lovely plants...

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