First Sans to Bloom

blutarskiJune 26, 2008

This the first sans of mine to bloom:

[image] [/image]

The backstory on this plant:

I got it through freecycle

It lives in a battered, broken plastic pot, in soil that appears to be wood chips and regular potting soil.

It spent the winter in a dark corner.

When I put it out for the spring, I put it in a shady spot that soon became overgrown with ferns and promptly forgot it.

It got soaked by the big rains we had and endured night temps in the upper forties and low fifties.

I went to water it today for the first time and saw that it was ready to bloom.

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dufflebag2002(Calif. 91607)

They will all flower if conditions are just right for the species. Some are harder to bring to flower, but give them losts water in the spring, rain water is especially great for them. I have several in flower at this time of the year, and for some reason
Sept. is the best month for flowering for me. That rosette will not flower again, but it will put out a lot of babies if you let it and they should flower. The neglect did it, it is celebrating it's new life. This flowering rosette will not die, it will just produce new plants for you. Congratulations. Norma

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