Disappointed with East Friesland

mebarry117June 16, 2005

I've been growing this salvia for 3 years now and am disappointed. They're very floppy and am thinking of replacing. Is there anything to prevent the floppiness - more or less fertilizing, etc. If not, which varieties do you grow that are sturdy with long bloom period? Thanks!

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Well, I stopped planting east friesland for the same reason as you. My first 3 salvias ever were East Friesland, Victoria Blue and Mexican Bush Sage. Victoria Blue is so prone to mildew its just not worth it, but the blooms are beautiful. The only one I still use is the Mexican Bush Sage. This one has a long bloom period and gets really big. It can flop but I guess Its not as bad as other sages in the floppiness, because its very easy to prune. Its probably not hardy in your area, we are at opposites of the country.

I remember using small stakes around east friesland until I just couldnt stand it. It tries to come back every year but the other plants smother it out. And if it does survive, it flops out sideways.

I dont like or ever recommend this salvia.

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Wish I was close enough to take your East Friesland salvia off your hands. I love it.


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I grew my East Friesland from seed. This year I expected it to be much better than last year. I couldn't wait for it to stop blooming so I could cut it back. The worst part is that I put it at the front of the border, where it really stands out. I think I will be looking for a replacement for next year.

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nhlady(z5 NH)

I was researching salvias when I saw this post. I've grown S. 'White Hill' and S. 'Caradonna' with some success in Z.5. I liked the look of E. Friesland. I went to Tracy DiSabato-Aust's book (Well-Tended Perennial Garden) to see what she had to say. Her advice is wise and reliable. She suggests sheering, deadheading, avoiding too much shade and not fertilizing too heavily. That's more or less what I've been doing based solely on instinct (or neglect!) with the two I have and it seems to eliminate the need for staking. I don't like staking because my plants never look attractive after I get done. Try cutting the plant down if they get leggy and keep them deadheaded.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

True Salvia nemerosa East Friesland is a sterile hybrid and does not set seed.

It definitely grew better for me in Massachusetts which had fairly bright, cool summers in the 70s. Since moving to North Carolina, all of the nemerosa types have not fared as well with the hot and humid subtropical nights.

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It's not particulary happy in the full sun/clay conditions in my yard. I think I need to lift it and move it to a more shady and better watered part of my yard. I guess the upside is I've never had a floppiness problem because I'm constantly shearing off the dry/dying parts.

I wish I had tried the S. nemerosa plumosa instead.

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