Snake Plant Repotting Question

suenyc(6B)July 1, 2004


I have a snake plant that is doing very well. It has two off shoots coming up..problem is they are so large that they have completely distorted the plastic pot they are in. Should I repot it or leave it be?


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Solar_Storm(24 CA)

I'd say that is your choice. If the plant is a trifasciata and happy with your care, in time it will fill the pot and break it if possible. If you like the larger plant size and have the room, I suggest you put in in a larger pot. If not, take the plant out of the pot and remove the pups. You can pot the pups and give them to your friends who who love them and you. DO IT!!!

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Cena(S CA 10A)

Before you remove them, I have found they need to be a certain size to be away from the mother and survive. If it is only a growing tip, and not at least two inches tall out of the dirt with it's own established roots, I would wait for awhile before you remove them.

After they reach that size, then it is up to you what you do. I like the look of a large pot full with leaves, rather than a few leaves alone in a smaller pot. At this point, you probably could repot larger, then decide later what you want to do. They can and will break terra cotta pots, and some even poke right through plastic pots, or out the drain holes, requiring you to cut the pot off of the plant.

Good luck with whatever you decide.

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Oswegian(Z5 IL)

Hello, I just found this forum. I had no idea there was a whole organization just for this type of plant. Anyway, my neighbor gave me a snake plant about ten years ago, which was pretty scruffy looking. It is taller than I am now, which is 5'4". What a great species. It has done well.

We have put it in a bigger pot, and now it is crowding out that one. It flowers several times a year and smells absolutely heavenly. But it's strong, and my husband made me move it away from his desk. It gets a southern exposure in a sunny room.

So, should we put it in yet another pot? The one it's in is a 12" x 12" straight-sided cylinder, very heavy ceramic. I don't know how I'd get it out of there. It's a pretty, contemporary white glazed style, too. I'd rather not break it. Do I have to repot it? Will it be a lot happier if I do? I want it to be happy.

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I have a plant that started to lay over. It was in a large planter and was thriving. The soil dried out and the leaves came out of the soil with little or know roots attached. I dumped the old dirt out and was using fresh. I was going to water and allow the soil to dry out and water as usual. Should I fertilize at this time with the light cactus fertilizer? Please, any advice on how to repot in regards to the soil, fertilizer, watering how deep and the light when you first repot, would be appreciated.

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