What is eating my salvia?

bev1065(7)June 8, 2009

Something is eating the leaves on my Salvia Black and Blue. No sign of any bugs on the plants. I have a picture but don't know how to post it.

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The only thing that gets on my Black and Blue is
cutter bees (besides whiteflies they don't mess with the leaves).If you could give a breif description.
Do you have hole's in the center of the leaves or along the edges?

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CA Kate

For the first time ever I have budworms eating the new buds on the spikes of several different Salvias and the Eggplants. Something new every year.

One year I had Potato Beetles (Bugs) eating the Salvia leaves in one area of the garden. I dusted and that was the end of that. However, it is a little early for Potato bugs in your area, I think.

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If you have small holes in the centre of the leaves, it could be minute caterpillars. I have these on a couple of guaraniticas. A systemic insecticide should help.

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CA Kate

NO! the systemic will also kill the bees and Hummingbirds.

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If it is catapillars use BT(Baccilus thuringensis var.Kurstaki)Thuricide or worm killer. It is organic /gives only targets the worm and being it is not a poison will not
hurt ladybugs, hummers or bee's. Lowes sells it as "worm Killer.

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