Salvia Caradonna

stephanie_kay(5a IL)June 13, 2013

I have a S.caradonna that is about 4 or 5 years old. It grows beautifully and then when we have a heavy rain it falls. It was doing so good this year, then it collapsed. Yesterday evening we had more heavy rains and it looks even worse today. Is this normal for salvia (caradonna). Is there something I can do to prevent from happening next year? If in early spring I pinch it back will that give it more support, when it blooms?

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

If by collapse, you mean that it has flattened out, but that thee is no wilting of leaves, this is fairly normal after heavy rains and/or winds. I'd be more concerned if the leaves are no longer turgid, since that would mean the roots are dying. That would indicate that the plants need raised beds.

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

No, it is not dying. Very healthy plant. Yes it flattened out, so there is nothing you can do to keep it from happening. It is very pretty when the stems are all erect and not laying out.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

The weather has a lot to do with this. I grew East Friesland in Massachusetts in the 70s, and it was pretty compact, but did occasionally flatten, especially in years when the nights were hotter because of higher humidity. The species that make up this hybrid are all alpine species that like cool nights

That's one reason why I don't do many of these sages in subtropical North Carolina.

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

I wonder if a 'grow through plant support', would work. But that wouldn't be till next spring.

Thanks Rich

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CA Kate

I agree that a plant support would help. I have several that are a large circle with a large grid-pattern in the center; and ohters that are also a circle with several increasingly smaller circles inside.

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david52 Zone 6

I have beds with S. Blue Hill, S. May Night, and S. Cardonna - dozens of the things mixed up - and every year, they all decide to flatten out about the same time - like yesterday. So it seems to be the nature of the plant.

I just leave them alone for a few more weeks. The flower stems bend up, they continue to flower and look 'ok' - then sometime in July it gets hot, most of the flowering stops, I use pruning shears to dead-head and cut them back. They will re-flower, on a much smaller scale, all summer long.

I think its the nature of the beast.

I didn't know that about sage and cool nights. We grow the heck out of sage - Russian Sage, Pitchers Blue Sage, etc. around here, and the nights are down in the 40's most the summer long.

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stephanie_kay(5a IL)

Westelle, I think I am going to buy a couple with the grid going through them today while I am out so I don't forget them for next spring.
David, beautiful photo, that is really nice.
I guess I wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't that the caradonna was at the front of my garden, the main sidewalk is only about 3 feet away and I have smaller plants in front, which now the caradonna is covering.

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