Salvia ballotaeflora

hybridsageJune 22, 2011

I have been trying to e-mail Rich Dufresne to see if he would be interested in some S.ballotaeflora for this fall but it

keeps coming back as undeliverable.

Does anyone else grow this woody Salvia?


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karen__w(z7 Durham, NC)

I don't know anything about that species, but I saw Rich recently here in Durham and have contact information (e-mail and alternate e-mail) if you want it. Just e-mail me through GardenWeb.

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I checked this one off of our want list it seemed to be a desert plant, and we do NOT do well with desert plants here. Cloud forest species are very happy here.

Am I correct in this?


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I don't grow it, but I'd like to try! It's a Texas native, as my father was. :)

I live more inland (drier) than Kermit, so it should grow. I read that it's a Painted Lady butterfly host plant, and my 6 year old is raising those caterpillars right now. Art, do you have seed, or know of a source?

thanks, Michelle

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Art if you have seeds I would like to try it.

Cheers Annette

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Salvia balloaeflora is native to the Texas Hill Country
more rain than the desert (30") but it is not a cloud forest plant either. We had 50" of rain one year it did fine.
I would be interestede to see how it performs in California.

Voodoobrew & Annette :
I have never seen seed on the plants here or at the 1000'elevation in the Hill Country. I can see about cuttings for here in the USA. I will see what I can do
for cuttings.

Annette :
I do have Salvia farinacea called "Bicolor" the bee lines in the lip have fussed together to make a white blotch surrounded by blue.I can send you all(voodoo brew)some of those to try. I am in the process of moving my daughter
so I will get some out as soon as I locate them. I have had a few revert back to a standard blue /w bee lines but only a few.

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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I have this plant in my garden, or I had. It is a very hot time for rooting plants. I have not been watering anything because of my lack of water. Maybe after the drought breaks I will start rooting some. Right now nothing is blooming or making seed . Rough year in this drought.

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Thanks, Art. One year I got so excited about a special clone of pachyphylla, it might have been 'Blue Flame'. Grows in the Mojave, and not here! Perhaps ballotaeflora will have to go back onto the"try when the opportunity allows" list.

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Spunds great Art I would love to grow the biclor, Salvia farinacea Henry Duelberg is doing fine here and still thriving, if anyone ever gets seeds of Augusta Duelberg please
save some for me as Henry wants a partner:)


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wantonamara Z8 CenTex

I think I have S. Augusta Duelberg seeds, maybe. There are other S farenacias close by so their purity is not guaranteed.

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Not to worry I have some that are segregated so they should be good to go.Just need to work on cleaning them.

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