Whats this blue salvia?

njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)June 26, 2007

I grew this and lost it due to damage.

It was normally evergreen for me and would bloom early and all season with a 2nd rebloom in fall if cut back.Don't believe it seeded.but would like to know it is so can find another.It was a trade from a gardner in MI.She couldn't overwinter it.

I lost another one of hers with it the 1st year some kind of turkish sage with large fuzzy leaves,they took on a purpleish cast in the winter& didn't like dog urine.The leaves reminded me of lambs ears

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CA Kate

Looks like Salvia farinacea.

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rich_dufresne(z7 NC)

It is Salvia farinacea x `Indigo Spires' if it has been around for a few years, or more likely Salvia farinacea x `Mystic Spires' if bought last year, when it was introduced to the trade.

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I would suggest that this might be "Mystic Spires", seeing how compact the plant is. "Indigo Spires" is far more rampant. Then, again, it may just be one of the many forms of Salvia farinacea. Lovely plant, whatever!


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Having looked again at the photo, the leaves are a little too long for 'Mystic Spires', so I agree with the original suggestion that it is S. farinacea.


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njoynit(Z8b Coastal ~secluded)

The picture was from 2 yrs ago,but got the plant 3-4 years ago.I bought a victoria blue yesterday.They had indigo spires also.I don't think was indigo spires,but the victoria was darker blue as well& the foliage of mine was lighter than victoria.I also think she told me If I liked this one and wanted a taller version indigo spires would grow 2-4 ft tall.

I found these pictures from 2005

It was not blooming in May& was not in the July pictures.Our Rotti....she had puppies.her puppies we're destructive.We kept a boy.Duke.He's STLL destructive to my garden.He may even have been the one.(And I'd bet& win!)Its a daily thing.I've even beat him with a cake pan(it was already in hand)He just don't get it about my plants.I have a fence around my pond..it looks redneck,but it works& have barbed wire on my chainlink fence THAT he got...in the spot it got him in.I have a had a living rose topiary that he's lept over so much knocking the cane about(broke its stick(s)) that the rose died.I now grow MG up it.

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looks like my Salvia farinacea 'Evolution.

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Indigo Spires, I finally ripped it all out last week after a couple of years. It became to scraggly and ugly even when I would cut back. It gave nice blooms but no more! gone! Can't wait for the fall!

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Really don't think that this was Indigo Spires, more likely a vigourous S. farinacea.

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