Seed-saving when gardening in a community garden?

nick_b79(4/5 Southeast MN)February 6, 2009

Hello all. I am going to be gardening in a local community garden this year, and was wondering what kinds of vegetables might breed true without fears of cross-pollination/contamination? I was hoping to plant a few varieties of heirloom tomato (one cherry, one pear, and one slicing), two varieties of heirloom peppers (one sweet, one hot), eggplant, sunflower, cucumber, watermelon, broccoli, black-eye peas, sweet/snow peas, yellow squash and zucchini.

The plots are only 20'x20', and there will be about 30-40 of them in use, so physical isolation from other gardener's hybrid crops probably won't suffice. Do I have a chance of saving pure seeds from any of these species without resorting to bagging the flowers? Thanks!

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Hi Nick,
You will be able to save seed from the Tomatoes, black-eye peas, sweet/snow peas, and eggplant if you are only doing one variety of eggplant. There is still a chance of crossing but it is low.
You can grow beans and save seeds too.
Two peppers in close proximity will cross easily.
The others,sunflower, broccoli, cucumber, watermelon, yellow squash and zucchini rely on insect pollination to produce fruit or are heavily visited by insects so you won't able to save seed.

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