what is SASBE?

shari1332(z7NC)March 9, 2005

I feel kinda stupid but I did a search and checked out some FAQs on different seed exchange forums. No quick answer!

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charles_hanon(z5 IN)

Self addressed, stamped bubble envelope.

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Many thanks. You saved me alot of time sifting through search results.

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Don't feel stupid. When I first started seed exchanging I thought it meant Self Addressed Stamped BIG Envelope!

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OMG,,,,,,,That is too funny! I too, thought it meant send
self addressed Stamped Big envelopes.....lol

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triple_b(BC 5b)

I thought maybe Self Adresses Stamped BOX or ENVELOPE. I guess we gotta learn the lingo!

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bakemom_gw(z6 Central Ohio)

Yes, learn the lingo - it'll save you time and headaches. We use bubble envelopes so the seeds don't get crushed in the mail. Bubble envelopes provide protection and are hand cancelled. That way they do not go through the machines and get mangled.

Because they are hand cancelled, the basic rate is .49. I usually suggest .60 for the return as I tend to pack a lot of seeds in my newbie packs.

One method is to use a single bubble mailer. Send it out with .49 and include .60 stamps inside, a mailing label with your address on it, and a note with your email and GW name.

When I get those, I just rip off the old label or tape the new one right over it. I remove the old stamps, magic marker out the cancellation marks and stick the .60 stamps on there for a quick return. I just tape the envelope shut.

I email the newbie that the pack is on the way, and offer my list in Word that helps explain some of the seeds. Inside the envelope along with the seeds, I place a standard note with my email/GW name.

That's one way to do it. On the main exchange, trade etiquette is often discussed in the Conversations section of that forum. Make sure you read the FAQs and be sure and ask plenty of questions. There are lots of us here who are delighted to help a newbie get started.

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