HELP! My poor salvia!

LinzalinJune 16, 2012

This poor May Night salvia I bought from Home Depot is quite sad! The leaves look like lace and hardly any blooms. I have 6 of them and they all look like this. I have sprayed them with Spectracide to try to rid it of any bugs/disease but it isn't helping. They are such a pretty plant, can someone help me??

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Sorry to hear that sounds like the work of japanese beetles. They find something they like and they can decimate it quickly. I usually pick the beetles off and put them in a soapy bucket of water. Im not fully clear if they were this way when you bought them or after you brought them home. You might try some sort of netting to put over the plants to protect them. I also have read 4 oclocks and garlic are not liked by the beetles. Last year I planted garlic all around my cupheas and they werent bothered.

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