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mary_grether(7/8)March 23, 2013

OK I think I posted on the wrong page, so I will try this again;
I have a lot of old seeds I had stored in a dark dry place, they are between 2-5 years old, are they still good or should I trash them? sure would like an answer for this.

and thanks for your replies.

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flora_uk(SW UK 8/9)

There's only one way to find out. You can take some and do a germination test. Google it - there are loads of hits, including 'How to' videos.

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You left out a crucial piece of into. What type of seeds they were.

Some seeds of fruits and veggies last two years. Others last eight years. Do a google search outside GW to find a list of what number of years your seeds can be expected to last. There are at least two sites with lists.

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I see the chart at 'A way to Garden' site gives info from a number of sites.

Don't believe everything you read! For example, Johnny's give one year of viability for spinach. Iowa St. Ext. gives FIVE years! Quite a difference! Guess which one sells seed?

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