Saving seeds from cut flowers?

jessay3(Ga Z 8)March 2, 2006

My mother gave me a beautiful flower arrangement last week. I'm not sure on the type of flowers they are, to me it looks like an iris. As I was about to throw them a way this morning I noticed that under the spent flower bud was a what I assume is a seed pod.

Are these really seeds?

If so, can I save these and grow them?



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the flower needs to stay on the plant till it fads and the seeds swell and are reddy to fall off. sorry I don't think they will grow.

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magus(8a BC)

Alas, what is left is probably just a seed capsule or pod starting to form, but it will never mature, since it would require the nutrients that only the whole parent plant can give it to form the seeds successfully.

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